Easy Steps to Creating and Selling Online Courses

Whether you want to promote your products, launch a new business, or expand your income, creating online courses can be highly beneficial. If you are excited about creating an online course, know the easy step guide to creating and selling online courses

Step 1: Determine your topic 

You have to be passionate about what you are teaching. Online courses do not allow you to be physically present in front of your students. But if you enjoy teaching your subject, the enthusiasm will reflect in your teaching. 

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You can teach any subject after researching and reading about various topics. But it is always preferable to look for the subjects that interest you. Choose the subjects that you are already familiar with. It will make it easier to create high-quality content for the online course. 

If you are skeptical about choosing the right subject, it may depend on your talents, skills, and experiences. You can select the topics that you are experienced in, be it academic or non-academic. People do not only seek online platforms for gaining academic knowledge; they seek to enhance their skills in unique areas.  

Creating and selling online courses does not mean that you have to stick to academic classes. Explore the popular online courses and notice what fields they are covering. You’ll see that not all of them are academic.  

Step 2: Perform market research

After deciding what topic you want to teach, research if the field is profitable or not. Look at the competition and see if you are getting involved in this course or not. Some websites show the number of students enrolling in a particular course. You can research such websites to get an idea of people interested in your course.

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Step 3: Frame your content

Now that you have chosen the content you are gouging to teach, plan an engaging and high-quality course. However, note that not all students like to read difficult courses. Casual students look for efficiently designed courses that have all the information in brief. 

When designing the content of your online course, keep in mind that it has to be precise, and you have to cut some information in it. You can take help from your target audience to identify the content they are interested in and that you do not need to include. 

Step 4: Build your course

Use a learning management system to create your online course. It is the most common and easiest way to build an online course. It includes already designed templated and built-in features that you can use in your online course. You can also seek a professional for creating and selling online courses to build a customized course using LMS. They can design a website based on your course’s needs and the features you want to add to it. 


Online courses are a growing industry popular among industrialists and budding entrepreneurs. It can be a great field to go for if you are seeking to build an online presence and earn money through it. 

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