Enjoy Life with Food Fantasies Turning Real

In case, you are bored of life and you want to bring aliveness in your routine then you have to embrace change. It is good that you are dedicated towards work, profession and your relations; but are you dedicated towards your interests and preferences? How many times do you take your wishes into consideration?

Well, the idea is to give yourself a great time in your own company with the help of food. If you want to energize, uplift or boost yourself but you don’t know how to do that then you can burry in food. Yes, the delights of food are so exciting and elevating that nobody can stay insipid. If you are worried about the variety then you can check out different menu and find out exciting options like Bukhara Indian bistro. Of course, the food options out there are pampering and stimulating. If you are ready for this change but don’t know what type of dishes you should introduce in your routine then keep on reading.


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Well, it would be right to say that soups have been the most underestimated dish. Of course, many people still think that soups are for sick or ill people. But the story is entirely different. Soups in this contemporary age are not at all dull or humdrum; you can find a great steaminess and tang in them. The soups are absolutely scrumptious and inspiring. You can find a huge variety in soups like:

  • Chicken soup
  • Mulligatawny Soup
  • Vegetable soups
  • Corn soups
  • Cheese soups etc.


Have you ever tried out Indian dish ‘Chaat’?  Ah, it is one of the dishes that is exciting, peppy and of course bubbly. You can feel energized, fresh and contented once you dig in a single plate of chaat. There are different kinds of chaats to pamper your palate and get your senses a great experience. You can explore and experience chaats like AlooPapriChaat, JhingaChaat, MurghChaat, and AlooPapriChaat and so on. The spices and ingredients used in these snacks are completely indulging.

Regional dishes

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Do you get excited when you come across regional dishes? Of course, many people have a taste for and special corner for regional dishes. If you are one of such people then you must think about these dishes. You can be as contented as you like once you experience these regional options. Whether you like Chat Papri, Dahi Bhalla, Bhel, PavBhajiwith Toasted Roll, PavBhajiwith BBQ Chicken, PavBhajiwith BBQ Lamb, Dosa or any other dish; you can have it all on your plate if you desire.

Variety in Vegetarian food

If you feel that you are too much into non-vegetarian food and you want to try out something different in vegetarian food then too you have a world open for you. Of course, people do think that vegetarian food is boring but that is not the case. Once you have tried out rich vegetarian options like MalaiKofta, Mixed Vegetables, BainganBhartha, ShahiAlooGobhi, PaneerChili, SaagPaneer, Mutter Paneer and many other vibrant dishes; you will feel absolutely charmed.

So, embrace Bukhara for all your food fantasies and bring a spice in your life!

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