Enraged Monkeys In India Kill 250 Dogs After Puppies Killed One Of Their Infants 

Enraged monkeys in a village in India killed around 250 dogs by dragging them to the top of buildings or trees and dropping them after puppies killed one of their infants.

Not only dogs, but residents of the Majalgaon village in India have been attacked by the enraged monkeys.

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According to a report by News18, around 250 dogs were killed by the monkeys as a result of the death of one infant monkey.

The villagers said that not a single puppy can be found in Lavul, near Mumbai, and even school children are being attacked and chased by the monkeys. 

Locals noted that the dogs are dragged up on buildings or trees and are dropped. 

In the same report, authorities noted that around 250 dogs have been killed by the monkeys in just 1 month.

Pictures of the incident have also been shared on the internet.

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In one image, a monkey can be seen on a roof carrying a puppy on the edge of a building.

In another video, which is believed to be in the same village, dogs were seen chasing monkeys through the village. 

Local women and children were also spotted running to safety and dogs were also spotted protecting a child.

Residents of the village asked help from the officials at the local forest department, however, when officers were sent to the village, they were unable to catch even one of the primates.

Talking about the dog killings, villagers believe that the monkeys are taking revenge after some dogs killed a baby monkey.

After the officials failed to deal with the problem, villagers took the entire thing on themselves to save the dogs.

The thing is, the monkeys love to fight back.

Locals said that some men fell from heights while trying to save dogs that were dragged by the monkeys and some men were attacked.

The locals also noted to the news channel that the enraged monkeys are attacking more young children.

The locals noted that an 8-year-old was dragged away by the monkeys. 

No other information about the incident was shared with the public.

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