One of the basic human needs is to be financially independent. In an economy where earning money becomes a fundamental need for survival, people are readily willing to take any job that comes their way.

Australia has an employment percentage of 63%. The actual job openings have faced a 9.8% decrease from May 2021 and are currently at 333,700, which shows a low rate as the Australian workforce consists of people as young as high schoolers. Recently, however, there have been openings for jobs in Dubbo, Bathurst, and other regional cities that have helped tackle this gap. 

The need for more jobs

As societies evolved, so did the sense of competition. Earlier, people followed a routine and asked individuals to acquire a university degree and apply for a suitable job at an acceptable wage rate. The most common jobs during those times were in the physics, philosophy or mechanic field. 

But with the Industrial and Digital Revolution, newer jobs started coming up in the market, and people needed a unique skill set to be eligible for those jobs. As a result, new training programs and courses were developed to award people and techniques were availed by high-schoolers and young undergraduate students.

Australia has over 869,709 international students as of 2018, requiring a job to sustain their daily expenditures in a foreign country. But with so much demand, new job opportunities needed to be initiated. Currently, jobs in Dubbo and other New South Wales regional cities have expanded their hiring capacity to accommodate more employees. 

The pros of working while young

Today, many high schoolers and young adults have a job of their own. These jobs are not always directly linked to their future goals or ambitions but provide them with a foundation for their successful life. The advantage of beginning to work while an individual is young is that the jobs can prime them to acquire skills that add to their resume and skill set. Furthermore, an early source of income promises financial independence that will positively affect the individual’s self-esteem and sense of efficiency. 

What type of jobs can one avail?

Many work agencies in Australia act as channels to connect skilled individuals to the perfect job for them. These jobs do not entail only 9 – 4 work like a regular day job, but also offer apprenticeships, internships and recruitment services. 

Such services offer traineeship programmes for students and adults who wish to train more and hone their skills before joining the workforce. Training programs consist of mastering new skilled tasks, mentoring programs and alternative options for senior school education like vocational training. 

Many jobs in Dubbo, Newcastle and other regional cities aim to create sustainable partnerships and generate better opportunities by providing high-quality training, education and skill development programs. Some of the services include:

  • Job Vacancies: This option connects aspiring individuals to hiring companies with/without focus on the individual’s specialisations. These jobs often act as pathways to shape an individual’s future career choices.
  • Youth Connect: Youth Connect is an initiative that aims to bring together like-minded individuals who share novel ideas or business plans. Typically, these programs help nurture budding entrepreneurs to work together and flourish.
  •  Land Works: For people interested in construction, architecture and engineering, these jobs give them hands-on experience working with experienced individuals and learning the know-how of the job.


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