Essentials for Golf Course Management

Having proper tools and equipment for managing your golf course is extremely important because until or unless you have them, you would not be able to provide all the required services to the customers. Even when you see the budget of golf courses, they have got highly increased, and this is where you can spot the importance. So, if you, as a manager, cannot have a wrong set of golf course maintenance equipment at the time of disposal. Have a look at some of the important equipment required to maintain your golf course and facilities. 


It is one of the first things that might be coming in your mind when it comes to the golf course maintenance equipment. You should have different golf  mowers in order to keep your course well managed. Half of your golf course management will successfully be done if you have correct mowers. Have a look at some mowers and equipment that will work great in your disposal. 

  • Golf green mower
  • Walk-behind mower
  • Tee mower
  • Approach mower
  • Collar mower
  • Rough mower
  • Triplex mower
  • Fairway mower

Hydraulic lifter

The hydraulic lifter is one of the essential equipment that you must have as a manager. To maintain your facilities, you will need a lot of tools and machinery. With the help of a hydraulic lifter, you can quickly move faulty machines and mowers. Just think ok that your triplex mowers have stopped working and moving, the hydraulic lift will work wonders in removing it from the field. There are other ways of using it as well, such as simply raising and lowering things in the garage. 


A golf course manager cannot afford to miss grinders as it is one of the most useful tools required. With the help of a grinding machine, you can make use of it at different places. there are different types of grinders available for golf course management

  • bedknife grinder
  • Reel grinder
  • Wheel grinder

Having all of these grinding machines is very important for providing top-class facilities as you have no idea what type of grinding you will be requiring. 


If you want to get rid of those grass cuttings and debris on the field, you can have a blower, and that’s it. Without several blowers, it is next to impossible to have a tidy golf course. There are two different types of blowers like handheld and backpack, and it’s good if workers have both of them. 

It’s a great choice to give blowers to workers when they head to the field because they will remove leaves and debris from the places required. If every worker would have a blower, it would become easier to maintain the tidiness of the golf course.

Utility Vehicle

Having a utility vehicle or trailer can help workers in moving to where they want to go quickly. Obviously, you do not want them to waste the entire day walking from one place to another with a mower. Good idea to use around or equal to each worker so that workers can get to the new work as soon as they get it. 

Well, these were some tools that are extremely important for golf course management. There is some other equipment as well, such as chainsaws, Hoses and Nozzles, hole cutters, and other small tools. If you’re looking for mowers, John Deere golf course mowers are the best when it comes to quality.

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