Eventually, the prog metallic album that Pc gaming deserves

The Pc gaming progressive steel task, WASD, just produced its 2nd album, Escape (opens in new tab), which contains chunky, proggy reimaginings of classic tracks from hits like Deus Ex and Warcraft 2, but also some further cuts like Turrican and Space Quest 3. We experienced a likelihood to sit down with WASD mastermind Austin Environmentally friendly and chat about the album, as effectively as its cheeky “Floppy Disc Thriller Single” edition.

“I’d messed about with the thought of making an attempt to fit each individual tune onto a floppy,” Environmentally friendly advised us. Sad to say the audio compression essential rendered his music “unlistenable.” A satisfactory floppy launch of Escape in all probability would have essential a unfold of discs like a ’90s match installation, so rather Inexperienced minted a limited operate of 50 floppies, every with two random tracks from the album. 

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