Everything you need to know about Choleastoma

Have you been experiencing ear discomfort and recurring watery, often smelly, discharge from one or both ears? It might be time to consult an ENT specialist, as you may be suffering from Choleastoma. 

Choleastoma is a chronic ear condition typically resulting from an abnormal accumulation of dead skin cells, eventually infected by bacteria. It is a skin-lined cyst that begins at the margin of the eardrum and slowly invades the middle ear and mastoid or arrow. Choleastoma tends to grow aggressively, and if left untreated, it can eat away the inner ear bones, leading to permanent hearing loss. 

The following are the damages caused by Choleastoma if symptoms are ignored and left untreated: 

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  • Ear infection – resulting from the continuous discharge 
  • Vertigo – a sensation that feels like the whole world around us is spinning
  • Tinnitus  – hearing sounds coming from inside the body rather than from an outside source 
  • Bone erosion – the destruction of the tiny hearing bones that carry sound, i.e., malleus, incus and stapes
  • Facial nerves – this can cause weakness in half your face

Choleostoma treatment depends upon the anatomy of the patient’s ears and the extent of the disease. There are two types of treatment – 

Single-stage procedure: In a single-stage operation, the cyst and infected parts are removed, and complete reconstruction of the ear takes place. 

Closed procedures, on the other hand, involve canal wall up. These might carry recurrent disease incidents hidden behind the ear bone. Hence, the procedure mainly involves regular follow-up and sometimes a second operation. 

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