Exceptional sweetness with a tinge of sourness helps make them pricier.


Coconut cultivation extends up to Thondamuthur in Coimbatore and Udumalpet in Tiruppur.

Coconut cultivation extends up to Thondamuthur in Coimbatore and Udumalpet in Tiruppur. , Image Credit: M. PERIASAMY

Walking down the streets of Hyderabad for the duration of a modern stop by, V. Thangaraj, a coconut farmer from Coimbatore, inquired about the selling prices of tender coconut varieties in the metropolis. He could not disguise his smile on studying that the fee for the greenish stock of tender coconuts, sourced from Pollachi, the picturesque habitat in his indigenous district, was pricier than the other versions. The vendor spelled out to him that the watery and tender pulp of this assortment had a one of a kind sweetness with a tinge of sourness.

Pollachi tender coconuts are more compact, with every nut weighing 2.25 kg to 2.50 kg, and primarily have a least of 450 ml of h2o. Customers usually want the Pollachi elaneer to other kinds.

‘Pollachi’ is derived from the text ‘ Pozhil Vaitchi’, which means ‘gifted with beauty’, a coconut town. The basic regions east of the Western Ghats develop about 80,000 to 1 lakh tender coconuts a working day. The cultivation of the coconut crop extends further than Pollachi town to Thondamuthur in Coimbatore and Udumalpet in Tiruppur district.

Outdoors of Tamil Nadu and its neighboring states, the coconuts are despatched to Mumbai, New Delhi and Rishikesh. T. Sabapathy of the South India Coconut Growers Association (SICGA) factors out that soil written content and salubrious climatic conditions are the main motives for the high quality of tender coconuts that the Pollachi belt produces. The sweet and sour combine in suitable proportion is the cause for the achievement of Pollachi coconuts. NKG Ananda Kumar, president of the agriculture wing of the Pollachi Chamber of Commerce, recalls the superb periods of coconut cultivation that reflected in the tinsel media when Pollachi used to be a go-to area for shootings. He fondly recalls the taking pictures of Chinna Gounder that was a box-office hit. The region faced a grim circumstance with coconut cultivation struggling from late 2013 to 2016 because of the drought. But, soon after 2016, a the vast majority of the area is back again into coconut cultivation.

The well known tender coconut varieties of Pollachi consist of West Coastline Tall, East Coast Tall, DJ, Chowkad Orange regarded as COD ( Sevvilani ), Malaysian Dwarf, Vietnam Dwarf, Dwarf Tall and Gangabondam. Other types have been launched by the Central Plantation Crops Investigate Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod, and the Tamil Nadu Agricultural College (TNAU) Coconut Investigate Stations at Aliyar in the vicinity of Coimbatore and Veppankulam near Pattukottai.

The CPCRI experienced produced Chandra Sankara, Chandra Kalpa and Chandra Vilpa and the TNAU at Aliyar had launched Aliyar 1 and 2 regarded as ‘ nettai’ wide variety for coconuts and Aliyar 3 for tender coconut. The Coconut Investigate Station at Veppankulam experienced produced VHC 1, 2 and 3 in 1982, 1988 and 2000, all tall varieties for coconut, and VPM 3, 4 and 5, all hybrid types for tender coconuts, suggests K. Venkatesan, Professor and Head , Department of Spices and Plantation Crops, Horticulture College of TNAU.

A lot of are hybrid types that create 15-30 tender coconuts after each individual 28 days. Of them, Dwarf Tall, DJ, and COD are the most sought-right after. Gangabondam, prolonged in dimensions, is regarded the very best. Tender coconut water is considered a pure and delicious energy drink with loaded nutritional vitamins, minerals, glucose, fructose and proteins and has large potassium content and anti-oxidants. Potassium articles allows keep the kidneys wholesome and functions as a diuretic to flush the extra h2o out of the physique and is also considered to enjoy a function in avoiding kidney stone formation. The usage pattern is going up steadily, and the creation is commensurate with the usage. The purpose is that the farm gate value of tender coconut is ₹22-₹25 and the greatest is up to ₹28. Price ranges would tumble by two to a few rupees through the rainy time and pick up once again by January-stop. Thattur Krishnasamy Gounder of the SICGA factors out that coconut charges are at rock base of ₹8 to ₹11, but tender coconut selling prices remain secure.

The need for company use of packaged tender coconut drinking water in tetra packs remains at 18%-22%. The rest are all domestic and unorganized consumers, states Mr. Anandakumar. He is of the belief that if company use goes up, there will be far more people for tender coconut.

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