Expert Bridal Tips for an Effortless Wedding Shoot

Expert Bridal Tips for an Effortless Wedding Shoot

Subodh Bajpai Photography has covered weddings of all kinds and we love being the storyteller for each one of them. Some weddings are unique because of their location, some others for their cultural richness, some others for the sheer grandeur and few others because of their simplicity. No matter what kind of wedding we are covering, as the top Wedding Photographer in Delhi our most favorite part is the bridal wedding shoot. A bride epitomises beauty and grace on her wedding day and we want to capture it in the best ways possible.

But there are times when bridal shoot can become a challenge for reasons big and small. As much as we try our best to make it a memorable experience, we would appreciate if the bride could put in a little more effort as well. Based on our experience, here are some bridal tips that will ensure that the bridal shoot becomes effortless.

Expert Bridal Tips for an Effortless Wedding Shoot

  • Mood Board: The best wedding photography is a fine blend of photographer’s best skills and the client’s ideas. We always encourage the bride-to-be to share their bridal shoot ideas and expectations with us. Create a mood board which contains the choicest poses and moods you want to include in your wedding album. By knowing your choice better, we can capture images to exactly meet your expectation. We recommend this for the groom as well.
  • Choose a well lit room for preparations: Candid wedding photos often include the bride getting ready or putting on her makeup and so on. All of these shots are taken in the bride’s room. Thus it is very necessary to select a fairly large and well lit room for the bride. Ensure it has sufficient natural light coming in and is uncluttered. We also would suggest the bride and the people around her to keep the room tidy as you would not want a clumpy room to take away the charm of a candid photograph!
  • Prep up the room or the location where you will have the shoot: When the bride is looking her gorgeous best, how can the shoot location look anything less. We would suggest the wedding planner to throw in some flowers, candles, additional colourful lights or some props to make the place appealing. For the best wedding photography, room or the location should always create a contrast with the bride’s attire to highlight her.
  • A trial makeup session goes a long way: This is something we always insist upon. As a bride you want to look your best on your D day and scheduling a trial makeup session is a must. From the shade of your lipstick to the hair do, the accessories and everything else must be finalised. This saves a lot of time and stress for you. Makeup can make or break your bridal shoot and we know it for a fact!
  • Be on time and be patient: It goes without saying that the trick to having a pleasant bridal shoot is to be on time. We understand that bridal do need that extra time to look stunning but prolonged delay may force us to finish the shoot in a hurry and we may not be able to do justice to your look. You should also understand that we photographers may take a little time to capture the most perfect pose. So be patient with us, our efforts are focused towards capturing your bridal beauty in the best possible way.
  • Enjoy the day: Our word of advice for the bride and the groom is, “Enjoy your day, no matter what!” Yes, many a times things may not go according to the plan which include small glitches or some major mishaps. Don’t let these things ruin your joy of stepping into a new phase of life together. We as the top Wedding Photographer in Delhi can do our job well if you are in a cheerful mood throughout the day.

These are some of the most practical and crucial bridal tips that will eventually help us deliver our best services.

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