Extensive Application Of Glass Ceramic Composite In Dentistry

Back in the day, if a person lost a tooth or two due to an accident, injury to the face, due to lack of oral hygiene or simply because they grew old, the solutions were:

  • Placing a bone fragment in the place of the lost tooth
  • Placing animal teeth in place of the lost tooth

Both of them sound pretty peculiar but this was the norm. Fast forward to the modern era, the go-to solution these days is to either:

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  • Get artificial teeth implanted or
  • Get dentures that are as per one’s preferences.

The society first saw dentures used by a popular person back when George Washington was the President of the United States. His dentures were made using lead, ivory, human and animal teeth if you consider the information from popular magazines back in that time as accurate!

With that being said and out of the way, one might have had this question pop up in their mind time and again that what about the artificial dental implants and dentures of the 21st century? What are they made of? What are the possible benefits and overall characteristics of using that particular material in dentistry?

It has a simple answer – ceramic composite glass or glass ceramics. Glass ceramics has special properties that make it the perfect raw material to make biomaterials like denture bases and artificial teeth implants. Ceramic composite is known for its durability that makes it all the more suitable for restorative dentistry.

Other applications of the ceramic composite in dentistry are as follows:

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It is used in fabricating artificial teeth for dentures and implants

There are various options for materials for making teeth implants and artificial teeth for dentures. That being said, dentists, these days prefer using ceramic glass composite material. The reasons are simple, to begin with. Some of the beneficial characteristic features of using composites are as follows:

  • The implants and artificial teeth last longer when compared to porcelain and resin
  • Implants and dentures made using composite material results in a more realistic finish that resembles the aesthetics of real human teeth
  • Patients prefer having teeth implants that are made using composite material since the overall feel of composite teeth is similar to that of natural teeth.
  • Compared to porcelain and resin-based implants, composite-based teeth implants last longer.

It is also used to manufacture the base framework of dentures

Dentures need a base framework on which the artificial teeth are placed that acts as a support. The technical term for this framework is the support plate. It has two distinct profiles – full and partial. Often dentists use flexible polymer or composite material. The base structure can also be made using metal alloys of chrome and cobalt.

After giving the above section a read we hope that you have found the right answers for your questions about the various applications of glass ceramic composite in dentistry. In case you are a practicing dentist yourself, it is best that you source ceramic composite material from renowned manufacturers for best results. Always keep in mind, the better the raw material, the better is the quality of the finished product. If you want to make it big as a dentist, use top quality ceramic composite to make denture bases, artificial teeth, and teeth implants.

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