Extremely Rare Calf Dubbed As “Divine Miracle” Is Born With 3 Eyes And 4 Nostrils In India

A three-eyed cow with 4 nostrils was born in India and right now it is being dubbed as a “divine miracle” after locals started to believe it a reincarnation of Hindu God, Shiva. 

Residents of Chhattisgarh in the Rajnandgaon District in India claim the three-eyed calf is a reincarnation of Viswanatha.

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Viswanatha is a god that is known for having an extra eye on their forehead. 

People from nearby villages rushed to the neighboring village to get blessings from the cow as people started a rumor that it is the reincarnation of Shiv Ji, who is also known as Shiva.

As locals believed that the birth of the calf was linked with a Hindu God, veterinary doctors across the globe are disagreeing. 

The calf, which was born on January 14, 2022, attracted a massive crowd.

People that visited the cow offered coconuts, money and other offering while asking for blessings. 

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During an interview with ANI, a local news agency in India, Neel Kumar Verma, a local villager, said: 

I have never seen any three-eyed being. Only Lord Shiva had it. It is a divine miracle. An incarnation of the Lord himself.


Neeraj Chandel, the owner of the calf, said that a medical screening of his calf shown a clean bill of health despite the strange birth.

Talking about the calf, Chandel said that they initially thought that the calf was wounded.

He explained: 

We thought the calf was wounded on its head. But when we checked with a torch, we were surprised. Its nose also has four holes instead of two. Its tail also looks like it’s braided.

Kamlesh Chaudhary, a veterinary doctor, was against what was happening.

He said that such cases should not be considered miraculous as they happen due to the abnormal development of the embryo.


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