FAQs related to 9apps install and use

What is 9apps?

As we all are aware of the official app store of every platform, which provides different kind of apps based on the user’s device supported platform. We all are using various kind of app for almost every purpose and that’s whywe need a platform where we can get all the latest and trendy app in one place that too for free. Apart from the official store, 9apps has become the best alternative app provider for Android users as it provides thousands ofapps for free and it contains many of the apps that are not even listed in official play store.

Why 9apps is not listed in the play store?

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9apps is like a competitor app for official play store because it provides the same service to users. The reason behind not having 9apps in play store that Google has some doubt about the security of 9apps. As there are thousands of third-party apps are listed in 9aaps,Google has an issue that some of the apps might contain a harmful virus, though it is not proved by any of the authority or test screening.

What is the Process of 9apps install and use ?

The procedure is simple and it is of the one-click download process. By directly going to the official website of 9apps, you can download the apk file of 9apps from the link available in the main page. 9apps install process can be done by clicking on the downloaded file and just follow up on the installation guidelines.The only thing is third-party download and installation setting should be enabled in your device for a successful installation. Once you installed the app, the app design is very easy and user-friendly, so you can just go through the app to know the functionality of the app. The design of the app is self-descriptive so it won’t take much time.

Is 9apps app is just for applications?

No, The feature is not just limited to applications. Using 9apps you can browse ringtones, wallpapers, live wallpapers and games as well. There are many games listed in the 9apps which is not there in play store without a purchase option. Hence, that is the reason behind the popularity of 9apps among android users. It also provides an option for stopping the download in between and resume it later unlike Google play store.

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Why 9apps is not available for Windows and iOS platform?

As per the company,work is in progress to scale up the 9apps in other platforms as well. There is a hope that soon 9apps will be available in other platforms also.

Is it safe to install and keep 9apps in the smartphone?

Yes, it is a completely genuine, safe and trustworthy platform that guaranteed to be free from any virus or trojans. What is expected from users is not to download 9apps from any other place than its official website to avoid any problem. The app has passed all the screening test related to the safety and security of the device.

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