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Genshin Effect has a big roster of people who fulfill unique roles. Some figures are run as the massive problems-dealers of the workforce, when other individuals may perhaps recover, buff, or help these figures in other strategies. In Model 3.3, a new 4-star character named Faruzan was produced, and she fulfills a distinctive part in the sport. Below is our Genshin Influence guidebook on Faruzan finest crew comps.

Quite a few help characters in the match are intended all-around a particular aspect. For case in point, Gorou is a 4-star Geo character whose kit developed supports other Geo people. Faruzan is the Anemo variation, fundamentally, and this dictates what groups she is fantastic on.

Faruzan is a 4-star Anemo Bow character whose unique package buffs the problems of Anemo people. Her Elemental Burst will simultaneously reduce the Anemo RES (resistance) of enemies and Anemo DMG (harm) of allies. At Constellation 6, she can even boost the crit DMG of Anemo figures by a substantial amount. As a outcome, Faruzan has no price outside the house of groups that make use of Anemo hypercarry characters.

Genshin Influence: Faruzan finest team comps tutorial

Right here are some illustrations of group comps you can use with Faruzan in Genshin Influence:

  • Xiao / Zhongli / Bennett / Faruzan: Xiao is the initial Anemo hypercarry in Genshin Effect, and enormously appreciates the buffs Faruzan delivers. Zhongli is in this article to guard Xiao in the course of his Elemental Burst, as he’s fairly vulnerable to using hurt even though sapping his individual HP. Bennett supplies one more ATK (attack) buff on prime of responsible healing.
  • Scaramouche / Zhongli / Bennett / Faruzan: Scaramouche is the 5-star Anemo DPS character in Model 3.3 of Genshin Impact, and this comp has the exact principle as the final one particular. Scaramouche is a strong Anemo DPS, and Faruzan is designed to make sure he can deal additional hurt.
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  • Shikanoin Heizou / Faruzan / Bennett / Xiangling: You get the strategy by now. Heizou is the 4-star Anemo hypercarry, when Bennett and Xiangling are a solid DPS main. We really do not want Zhongli, as Heizou is not as vulnerable as Scaramouche or Xiao, and Bennett gives additional than plenty of safety.
  • You may well have to swap out Bennett for a further Anemo character, like Sucrose. Faruzan’s Elemental Burst involves lots of Anemo vitality. This can make it tough to charge Faruzan’s Elemental Burst, which is the principal rationale why you want to run her. On top rated of that, Faruzan does not generate a good deal of Anemo electrical power herself. This implies if you are working a character like Xiao, you could also run into issues charging his Elemental Burst. With this in mind, including a further Anemo character like Sucrose who can generate tons of Anemo particles may well be important.

All those are some of Faruzan’s best crew comps in Genshin Effect. Use her with your Anemo teams and carry the electrical power of the wind to your foes.

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