Features To Look for When Winch Shopping!

As a savvy Jeep or truck owner, you understand the benefits of quality winches and know that the advantages begin before you even use the device. For starters, the unit just looks good on your vehicle and imparts a certain can-do vibe. Just as importantly, you are likely to head out on adventures that you wouldn’t think of without a capable winch. Sliding off a two-track in the snow or getting mired too deep in the mud becomes just another riveting story to tell.

Of course, some winches have the features you love, and a Smittybilt winch x20 is a case in point. This beauty has options galore, designed to get the job done no matter what it is:

  • Waterproofing
  • A line pull rating of 10,000 pounds on a single line
  • Remote switch control
  • 3-stage planetary gear train
  • Cable length of 98.5 feet
  • Textured black finish

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These features and more produce trouble-free and powerful performance in one rugged package. With a universal fit, this winch will expand your possibilities whether you are riding far from pavement or working on a tough project. 

Power Winches

For ideal capacity, you can wire your winch motor through the vehicle battery, or you can install an auxiliary battery. Either way should work fine, but if you go through your vehicle battery make sure you have enough reserve capacity to power the winch. This usually means a 12-volt battery with 650CCA. This can be especially important if you are tackling a tough job, such as a long pull or multiple tasks in one day.

Once you have chosen the winch for your vehicle, it might be time to look into lifting your vehicle for improved offroad capabilities. With Pro Comp suspension parts and accessories, you can quickly build a better truck by getting the best lift kits that come complete with shocks and hardware. Whether you want an extreme lift for an eye-popping appearance, or just want a slight leveling kit for added performance, you can find just what you need. The added clearance will lift your truck over everything from nuisance brush to permanent obstacles such as boulders and challenging topography.  

Proper Winch Maintenance

With all of your enhancements, make sure you have the right tires for whatever challenge you decide to tackle. With 37 inch tires, your vehicle becomes even more formidable and transforms into a true beast away from civilization. This will require a lift of at least 3.5 inches, but the added clearance and the increased width of the tires allow your well-equipped machine to make it through places others only dream about.

With all of these enhancements, you will want to take good care of your upgrades. Fortunately, a quality winch is a durable piece of hardware, and maintenance in the initial years is limited to keeping an eye on components and making sure the cable isn’t frayed or any loose bolts exist. It is also a good idea to lubricate all grease points on a set schedule.

Make sure your truck or Jeep is ready for work or play. Shop now for the quality components you need. 

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