Fetal Doppler 101: Things You Need To Know About At-Home Fetal Dopplers

Towards the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy, your obstetrician will try to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Listening to your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is a mixed emotion of fear, joy, and relief. As parents, you fear that the obstetrician will not find the heartbeat, but once you hear the fast beating of the heart through theFetal Doppler, you will be overwhelmed at that moment, and you will be full of joy and relief.

Having a Fetal Doppler at home

It is usual for expecting parents to be worried that something might go wrong towards their pregnancy, and having a mini Fetal Doppler at home can reassure them that the baby is okay. Also, in some cases of high-risk pregnancies, doctors will suggest having a Fetal Doppler at home to monitor the baby regularly.

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How does a Fetal Doppler work?

There are manytypes of Fetal Dopplers, but they work in the same way. A Fetal Doppler works in the same way as an ultrasound, but it has a lower intensity, and it does not produce images. The Fetal Doppler creates a beam of sound waves that echoes through the different tissues in the body. The Fetal Doppler can detect a heartbeat, and it will be converted to an auditory signal.

How frequently should you use a Fetal Doppler at home?

At the moment, no studies or evidence proves that a Fetal Doppler can harm the baby. However, it is strongly advised to seek medical advice when you plan to purchase a Fetal Doppler.

Obstetricians would recommend using a Fetal Doppler at home once a day, and it should not last more than 5 minutes. Excessive use of the Fetal Doppler may put too much physical and thermal pressure on the baby.

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What should you do before you purchase a Fetal Doppler?

It should be your utmost priority to put your baby’s safety when purchasing a Fetal Doppler. Here is what you should consider before buying one:

Research about the different kinds of Fetal Dopplers.

There are many Fetal Dopplers available in the market, and you should be careful in choosing one. The Doppler should be easy to use, and it should give you accurate results. If, during your research, you find information that you do not understand, write them down and ask your healthcare provider.

Talk to your doctor about your available options.

Once you have a list of Fetal Dopplers that you wish to purchase, talk to your obstetrician about these products. Ask them about the pros and cons of using the product. It is also essential to ask for their recommendations. Your obstetrician should recommend a Fetal Doppler depending on your pregnancy.

Decide whether you are going to rent or buy.

A Fetal Doppler is available for purchase or rent. You can check with your healthcare provider if they have Fetal Dopplers available for rent.

What should you do after you have purchased a Fetal Doppler?

One cannot stress much about putting your baby’s safety above anything else, so after your purchase, it is wise to ask your obstetrician about the proper way of using your Fetal Doppler. Today, many Fetal Dopplers are very easy and convenient to use, but it is better to ask a professional about the proper use of the item before trying it on your own.

It is understandable that once you first hear your baby’s heartbeat, you cannot get enough of it, so you would always want to hear it. If you are worried about the baby while it is inside your womb, a Fetal Doppler can be of good use. It is important to note, though, that checking the heartbeat on your own should not be your only basis that your baby is in good shape. A regular visit to the doctor is always the most important determining factor that your baby is okay.

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