Find the Right Women’s Reading Glasses for Oval Shape

One can have a better idea of the oval shape. As the name suggests, it is a rounded structure with a bit of a long outline. This shape is considered best when it comes to eyewear as many frames can suit this face type. It resembles an egg. So, the oval face women have a little flattened from the cheeks. Continue reading to know the suitable women’s reading glasses for the oval shape. 

Firstly Know How to Know that You Have Oval Face in 4 Steps 

Step 1: See Your Jawline

The oval shape has a slightly curved jawline with a glimpse of roundness. The jawline is neither pointed nor sharp, as you can see in the square or rectangle face. 

Step 2: Look at Your Forehead 

Women with oval faces will have a broad forehead and hairline. The chin will be a bit small in size when compared to the forehead, which resembles an egg. 

Step 3: Check Your Cheekbones

Women having oval cuts possess high cheekbones that deliver roundness. There are no harsh lines or pointers on the cheeks. 


Step 4: Pay Attention to Your Chin 

The chin will not be pointed, despite it being round, and the face is slightly longer than its width. 

Which Glasses go Perfectly with Oval Shape? 

Round Glasses

The first one that is a favorite amongst women having an oval shape is the round frame. Oval readers for women look phenomenal. The round glasses can go with both the styles- formal and casual. Many people have oval face cuts, so you have seen round frames quite more in today’s era, and yes, they are setting the trend.

Cat Eye Glasses

If you want a party look frame, then cat eyeglasses are recommended. They add fun and flirty appeal, which you want for the party. However, cat eye glasses are the oldest frame style. However, it delivers a refreshing twist to any outfits you wear.

Aviator Glasses

You might get surprised with the aviator glasses as you have always thought of them as sunglasses. Now, you can find the aviator frames, and they are considered stylish reading glasses for women. It’s one of the sleek choice frames that are right for oval shapes. 

Square Glasses

Various celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, John F. Kennedy, etc. have shown their overall look with square glasses on. Moreover, they are preferred frames by many women as they give the illusion of sharp edges. 


The oval face has soft curved lines around the forehead and jaw. There are no sharp edges which is a plus point. However, if you want to have an illusion of sharp features, then square reading glass can be a favorable decision. As discussed above, there are numerous options for an oval face to go, such as aviator glasses, round glasses, and cat eyeglasses. In addition, when choosing the frame from these options, make sure to go with the right color that matches your face tone, eye lens, and hair color. Hence, the right frame will build up your overall personality.

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