Finding The Right Location For Your Corporate Video When You Are On A Budget

A corporate video is one of the most important ways to communicate with a target group, stakeholders and also for internal communication. It is a compelling video representation of what your organization stands for. In today’s times when the audience is bombarded with innumerable messages in so many forms, having a distinct video helps brands in getting the desired mind share.

While the script of the video, animations, actors are important for a Corporate Video Production Company, one of the most vital aspects of creating an amazing corporate video is the location or backdrop. The location for Corporate Film Production should complement your screenplay as well as be in line with your products and offering. Remember, the message that you are conveying through a corporate video can be accentuated by opting for the right filming location and setting.

Important points to consider while deciding on the location for corporate film production.

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The funds: Budget is an important aspect to consider while selecting a location. Opting for highly priced locations just because of the aesthetic appeal is not a smart decision. With out of the box creative ideas and brainstorming, you can enhance the look of even a simple location for your corporate video.
Permits: While getting a perfect location for corporate film production is important, there are some factors that need to be considered. Take note of permissions or permits from the competent authority that might be required to shoot in certain locations.
Accessibility: The chosen location should not only be easily accessible but also should be well connected with facilities like hospitals, shopping area, restaurants and more. In case of any medical emergency, while shooting, you should be able to get help quick.
Visit the location in person: Seeing the location in person always gives you a better idea about how it will accentuate your screenplay, what shooting angles will be beneficial, lighting, ease of accessibility and more. This saves a lot of preparation time on the actual shoot day.
Book the location in advance: Do not wait if you don’t have email id or the address of contact person for the chosen location. Good locations are scarce and hence must be availed quickly. Call up the contact person for the location and fix up a meeting. Book well in advance to get the place on desired dates at a reasonable price.

Here are a few location options that will suit all types of corporate videos when you are on a budget:

  1. Student Accommodations
    Imagine having a site location where the setting is homely, walls filled with beautiful pictures, signposts and posters, and whatnot. Student Accommodations make the perfect shooting location. Renting the place for an entire day gives you distraction-free time to complete the shooting. There are many Corporate Film Makers in Delhi who can connect you to a location suited for your corporate video.
  2. Film Academies
    What better place to shoot a video than going to a film academy. You get all the auxiliaries here, set up might already be done as per your choice. Many film academies also provide studios for filming. You can call them up, request to rent a studio and you are good to go. Most film academies have in-house facilities for simple to complex shoots already in the studio which helps save time and money. Collaborate with budding designers and leave no stone unturned for that dreamy corporate video.
  3. Get reference from Facebook
    One of the most used social media handles, Facebook is the perfect place if you are not able to fixate on one location by yourself. Various groups on Facebook have users from varied backgrounds and areas. Get connected with the genuine groups and ask for advice, referrals and ideas that may help you to find the right location. This will save the money you would otherwise spend on a location scouting agency.

Startups and SMBs often lack in house resources who can generate ideas and assistance for corporate videos. You can take advantage of social media platforms to share an overview of your project or idea and ask for feedback. Take pictures from Google Pictures, Pinterest to show what you want to communicate. Several credible entrepreneurs, experts and freelancers will be happy to guide you without charging a penny. In fact, many corporate film production houses employ this method to conduct primary research for corporate videos.

A brand need not invest a heavy budget to make its corporate film engaging. You can make a fantastic video with a very limited budget with some smart decisions like using an online video editor. A good screenplay coupled with the right location that suits your offerings is what makes your corporate film production a success.

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