Finished Reading “Crystal Healing The Complete Practitioner’s Guide”? Learn More About Crystal Healing

After reading the wonderful book by Hazel Raven, if your Google search has been “crystal healing near me”, then consider this the universe’s answer to your search. 

Have you been searching for ways to expand your understanding of crystal therapy? After completing the crystal healing: the complete practitioner’s guide, you must be looking for more ways to get yourself immersed into the energising world of crystal therapy. 


You must have come across a lot of institutes that offer diplomas in crystal healing. Alternatively, you would have also come across online courses that you could take to expand your knowledge further. 


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Whatever your path, this post intends to inform you on the basics you need to keep in mind while seeking out how to learn about crystals. Let’s delve deeper into how you can expand your knowledge of crystals further in a responsible way. 


Is it time for me to do a course?

If you identify any of the following intentions, a crystal therapy course will benefit you:


  • Wanting to expand your crystal knowledge
  • Seeking the best resources on crystal healing
  • Thinking of sharing the wisdom of crystal healing with the world
  • Wanting to become a healer, spiritual instructor, or a life coach promoting crystal therapy

Even Reiki healers, yogis etc., can supplement their work with crystal therapy. 


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What do I learn through a crystal healing course?

If you want to heal and release trauma, overwrite old programming, and connect more spiritually, adding crystals to transpersonal psychology methods could benefit you. 


Before you share that wisdom with others, you must understand what transpersonal psychology entails. Literally meaning “beyond the personality” is a form of spiritual psychology that goes far beyond your “identity” layers, so you understand your most authentic and spiritual self. 


Here’s how a crystal healing course would benefit you:

  • Understanding the basis of spiritual psychology
  • How your trauma shows up in your energetic body
  • Using different types of crystals, crystal wands, or pendulums
  • Discerning how to break the shackles of anxiety and bring in more self-confidence by detoxifying yourself and having a spiritual awakening
  • Learning more about the changing states of your consciousness
  • Knowing how to read and clear the aura energy
  • How to conduct guided meditations
  • Understanding crystal attunements
  • Creating a transpersonal crystal healing mandala for yourself and others
  • Understanding chakras 
  • Techniques of using crystals for healing
  • Making crystal grids 
  • Understanding the aspects of self and how the energetic trauma manifests
  • Making your crystal elixirs and much more


Crystal healing near me has received its answer. There are multiple courses available online to help you understand the world of crystals better. Our only suggestion is to learn from an accredited source to get the most reliable knowledge of the energy world.

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