The Firewood That Wins Online Customers With Quality

Are you a regular dealer of firewood and planning to shift business at online platform for better earning. According to the current circumstances, it is essential for every small & big business to shift on the online process. It is not necessary to run the entire business on this process at the initial stage, but adopting change is always beneficial to stay ahead in the competitive environment. When it comes to the firewood selling business, one must have adequate knowledge regarding the right slicing of wood and its perfect seasoning. Generally, most of the orders are placed for hard seasoned wood. In the peak season of winters, it becomes difficult to meet the bulk demand with good quality firewood. In this situation mixing softwood or unseasoned firewood is unethical as well as reduce your market influence too. If you want to stay one or two steps ahead in the market competition, consistency in quality is important. In this article, we are going to guide you with some important tips for making quality firewood in bulk.

Tips to win online customer’s trust in your firewood business

  1. Prefer kilns along with natural seasoning
    NAtural seasoning of firewood means drying it with the help of sunlight. This is the traditional way of seasoning & you must be depending on it from several years. It’s time to evolve your business with advanced technology. Install a kiln facility in your warehouse. It is like a large oven where sliced firewood is stored rather than food. The kilns are designed to enhance the inner temperature to a level that moisture eliminates automatically. Where natural seasoning process takes more than 3-4 months, the kiln drying process completes in just 5 to 6 days. Also, it helps in maintaining the quality consistency in all logs of firewood. You can sue moisture meter to check the level before shipping a consignment.
  2. Sell in cords rather than kilograms or pounds
    Some firewood vendors sell their stock with weight measurement & some sell them in cords. The weight of firewood may increase or decrease due to the water level. For instance, the same volume of moist firewood will be much heavier than well-seasoned firewood. If you want to maintain a quality standard, sell the stock in cords. The cord is a rectangular measurement with dimensions of 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft. Whether the wood is heavy or light, the customer will get it in a satisfactory quantity that creates long term relationships.
  3. Attractive discount offers in peak seasons
    In the winter season, the demand for birch oak & ironbark firewood increases, especially in heavy snowfall prone areas. This can be a great opportunity for you to establish a huge customer base. If the kiln drying unit is installed at your warehouse, you can supply well-seasoned firewood to the customers. Offer them attractive discounts in the peak season and the demand will automatically rise. It is helpful in making a long term relationship with your customers.
  4. Be in contact with local arborist agencies
    If you want to avail ironbark firewood stock at an affordable price, be in contact with all local arborist agencies. They already have a huge stock of unprocessed wood which is nothing more than waste. Buy it at cheap rates, slice it in the right length and process with kilns to prepare it for selling.
  5. Provide options for firewood alternatives too
    Along with birch, pine or ironbark firewood for sale in Sydney, you can also sell its alternatives like bricks and pellets made with the residue of wood. Sawdust & chips of wood are processed through a compressing machine to form an easily combustible substance with the nice potential of heat.

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ironbark firewood

Adopting change is the law of nature to survive whether it is regarding your life or business. These 5 tips will surely help you in improving the business sale.

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