Florida Man Fights Off Black Bear To Protect Pet Dogs

A man from Florida, USA, was caught on camera fighting off a dangerous black bear in an attempt to protect his dogs.

In the video, the black bear could be seen entering the porch area of the man’s house as his dogs barked in the background.

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The man, who is from Daytona Beach, initially thought that the black bear was just a massive black dog, however upon moving forward to inspect, he realized that it was actually a bear.

The man started to make loud noises to drive the bear away.

The incident was confirmed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on their Facebook page.

Later in the video, the man was seen rushing towards the bear and pushing away the animal as the dogs scattered behind him. 

He later dragged a bench in front of the bear in an attempt to block it from entering the house. 

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that the man sustained non-life threatening injuries after the January 19, 2022 incident.

The attack happened at around 7:30pm. 

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, this is the second incident of a bear injuring a person within a week.

bear injuring a person

Recently, a bear tackled a Volusia County woman while she was walking her dog.

The dogs were not harmed in the incident, confirmed the FWC.

In a press release, the FWC said:

“To reduce human-bear conflicts, remove or secure all food attractants from around your house and yard, including garbage, pet food and bird seed. To avoid an encounter between a bear and your dog, bang on your door and flip your house lights on and off to give the bear time to leave the area before letting your dog out.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also gave out tips for residents.

They said that it is important to make loud noises and fight back in case a bear makes contact with a human or their pets.

They added:

“If your dog and a bear get into a fight, make noise and use your bear spray or a water hose if available. If the bear makes contact with you, fight back aggressively.”

What are your thoughts on the man risking his life to save his pet dogs? Let us know what your thoughts are by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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