Four Things to Know before Installing Marble Tiles in your Sydney Home

Sydney is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in Australia. The city is well-known for its excellent landmarks and gorgeous views. Due to this reason, Sydney has become one of the most sought after cities to live in the country.

So, if you have a house in Sydney that you want to refurbish or modernise, you can start by installing marble tiles. In Sydney, you can purchase them online in no time at all. The city has no lack of reputable suppliers with interior design services which can offer you great deals. Upgrading a house is an excellent idea for a comfortable living. In this process, choosing suitable tiles for your flooring is extremely crucial to ensure you set the right base for your decor to harmonise with. Marble is a durable and luxurious material. Most often, Sydneysiders install them to prevent damage in wet environments where frequent water splashes occur.

If you are looking for the correct type of marble for your house, continue to read this article to know more about them.

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1. Marble flooring tiles are divided into three prime categories: Marble tiles come in a wide range of colours and surface patterns. The contrasting patterns or lines running through the surface of the marble are called veining. It can be delicate and barely noticeable. There are more than 100 types of marbles, but the three prime categories are listed below.

  • Carrara: In ancient Greece and Rome, Carrara was a popular marble tile utilised centuries ago. It appeared in many elaborate statues and huge pillars. Nowadays, this marble tile is found in varying ranges of hues from light to warm white with medium to light grey veining surface.
  • Calacatta: Calacatta is similar to Carrara, but it comes in hues of pure white with a dark grey veining surface.
  • Breccia: Breccia comes in a varying range of deeper shades like warm golds, tans, deep browns and reds for more warmth and colour in marble flooring. The ornate designs of this marble flooring feature dark grey and black veining with round outlines.

2. Marble flooring tiles smaller than 2 feet are suitable for homes: Marble tiles come in various sizes like 2-inch by 2-inch squares, 6-foot by 8-foot slabs, etc. In Sydney, larger slabs are rarely utilised for residential purposes due to their heavy nature and the requirement of a specialised installation. For your Sydney home, the tile thickness must range from 1/4 –inch to ¾-inch. Its quality depends upon the design and density of the surface.

3. Marble flooring must not always be shiny: You can consider installing marbles that exude a high gloss or matte finish. Below listed are the two types of finish.

  • Polished marbles bring out the veining to give it a more radiant look. When it is maintained appropriately, it will remain durable and retain its reflective finish longer. Hence, polished marble is one of the most popular and excellent options.
  • Honed marble is a type of finish that is polished lightly with a flat smooth surface. This type of marble doesn’t create enough shine, especially when you compare it with polished marble. But you can ensure that it provides a durable surface with a soft matte finish.

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4. Marble flooring needs daily cleaning and regular sealing: If you want to retain the beauty of the tiles, you will have to take the utmost care by cleaning them daily. You have to sweep them every day for the removal of grit and tracked-in sand. It is highly recommended to wipe out the spills promptly. You must avoid spilling acidic liquids like vinegar and orange juice to prevent stains on the flooring. Additionally, water can dull the surface. Hence, you can use a mild or non-acidic cleaner for mopping frequently. You can even create a cleaning solution by adding a half cup of ammonia and one tablespoon of dish soap to water.

Purchasing and installing marble tiles in Sydney is a hassle-free affair. Your Sydney home will undoubtedly be a sight to behold with the perfect flooring and luxurious furnishings. It is time for you to consult the flooring experts immediately.

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