Everything You Need To Know About Indian Foreign Service – Full Form Of IFS

The IFS is a central civil service, which is one of the premier civil services that marks the presence of India in foreign countries.The IFS full form is Indian Foreign Service, it comes under Group A of the Central Civil Services (CCS) of the executive branch of the Ministry of External Affairs. 

Full Form Of IFS

The full form of IFS is Indian Foreign Service. This service is one of the premier civil services in India that marks the presence of the country in foreign countries. 

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Their Duties 

IFS officers, ifs officer full form is Indian Foreign Services, are responsible to mark India’s presence in various international organizations, manage foreign relations of India, and to conduct diplomacy. 

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Officers that work in this civil service serve at the headquarters of the Ministry of External affairs in Delhi and the office of the Prime Minister. Some IFS officers serve as the head of Regional Passport Offices throughout India and others hold positions in the President’s Secretariat and several ministries on deputation. 

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Roles Of An IFS Officer

Here are some official duties of an IFS Officer:

  1. Represent India in its Embassies, High Commissions, and Consulates in Foreign countries 
  2. Represent India in Permanent Missions to Multilateral Organizations 
  3. Promote friendly relations with all stakeholders including NRI/PIOs in the country that they are working in
  4. Safeguard concerns and affairs of India in a foreign country
  5. Provide consular access to citizens of India and foreigners

Career And Rank Structures For Indian Foreign Service Officers 

Here are some of the positions that IFS workers can get:

  • At an embassy:
    • Third Secretary (entry level)
    • Second Secretary (promotion upon being confirmed in service)
    • First Secretary
    • Counsellor
    • Minister
    • Deputy Chief of Mission
    • Deputy High Commissioner
    • Deputy Permanent Representative
    • Ambassador
    • High Commissioner
    • Permanent Representative of India 
  • At the Ministry of External Affairs: 
    • Assistant Secretary
    • Under Secretary
    • Deputy Secretary
    • Director
    • Joint Secretary
    • Additional Secretary
    • Secretary
    • Foreign Secretary of India 

Perks of Being an IFS Officer

IFS officers get a lot of benefits, which includes: 

  • Accommodation 
  • Car for commuting
  • Household helpers 
  • Security guards
  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Official vehicles
  • Free electricity facility
  • Free water facility
  • Free phone call facility
  • Abroad study options
  • Retirement benefits 
  • Pension

Salary Structure of Indian Foreign Service 

GradeRankBasic Pay (In Rupees)Grade Pay (In Rupees)
Junior Time ScaleUnder Secretary80005400
Senior Time Scale106506600
Junior Administrative ScaleDeputy Secretary127507600
Senior Administrative ScaleJoint Secretary1840010000
Selection Grade IVCounselor Director151008700
High Commissioner or AmbassadorForeign Secretary26000 (Fixed)

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Net salary of IFS Officer of various grades:

Sl. No.GradePay Band (In Rupees)Grade Pay (In Rupees)
1Junior Scale 15,600 –39,100 5400 
2Senior Scales                          
i.  Senior time Scale15600 –391006600 
ii. Junior Administrative Grade15,600 –39,1007,600 
iii.Selection Grade37,400 – 67,0008,700 
3Super Time Scale 37,400 –67,00010,000 
4Above Super Time Scale 
i.  Super Super Time Scale37,400 – Rs 67,000 12,000 
ii. Apex Pay Scale80,000
iii.Cabinet Secretary90,000


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