Future 2 laser trick makes Guardians immune to doorway traps

A Future 2 laser trick renders Guardians briefly immune to problems from the laser traps blocking some doorways in the Future 2 Revision Zero exotic quest mission Procedure Seraph Shield. Working with it lets players obtain places that would right away get rid of them ought to they otherwise try to enter the house devoid of partaking in mission activities that offer you an override for such traps.

Laser traps are common in Destiny 2, as Bungie has beforehand involved related traps in missions from prior seasons. However, because of to their capability to kill gamers who basically brush by them, any possibility gamers have to keep away from them is welcome. In the circumstance of Operation Seraph’s Defend, the trick even allows gamers to obtain enjoy regions they would be unable to enter usually.

On Twitter, Destiny 2 Twitch streamer Knitehawk showed a video of his character doing the feat, using his Arc Titan to move by way of a wall of laser traps to access an usually inaccessible area. Although in the home, Knitehawk opens a loot upper body, collects the loot, and then leaves the home the exact same way he entered.

Remarks to the submit propose the Warlock’s Icarus Sprint and swords with the Eager Edge trait, which increases a sword’s lunge distance, also allow players to execute this feat. Players making use of the Hunter Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge can reportedly also bypass the lasers.

Some gamers assert just sliding their people at specifically the proper time allows them bypass these lasers.

Whilst the technological purpose why this performs is unclear, the activity may well render these kinds of movement as a type of teleport, making it possible for gamers to bypass problems though in the energetic point out. It may be a glitch, and if so, the dev group will very likely patch it in the coming weeks.

On the other hand, gamers proceed to take advantage of it for the time being as they partake in the Revision Zero quest and its forthcoming catalyst quests, all of which surface to be elements of Future 2 period 19 main material.

This year is the game’s closing 1 prior to the next year’s Future 2 Lightfall release day. Within much less than three weeks of its launch, year 19 has previously granted gamers the unique quest, the Spire of the Watcher dungeon and the ongoing Dawning celebration, which you can learn extra about by checking out our Future 2 Dawning recipes, armour, and rewards guide.

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