The Future of BizTalk with the Internet of Things Technology Solutions

Highly experienced BizTalk developers help overcome some hurdles in business processes, such as for instance platform inconsistencies as well as geographic differences, which could be really challenging at times.

The BizTalk Server, having a BMP or Business Process Management and EAI or Enterprise Application Integration capabilities, allows connecting distinct systems easily as well as automate business processes. Aside from its integration capabilities, Business Rule Engine, communication protocols, Electronic Data Interchange, Radio Frequency Identification, Business Activity Monitoring and Mainframe connectivity could lead to fast functioning of a business in keeping with industry standards.

A BizTalk developer and BizTalk consultants are experienced in integration of business processes, data exchange and automation that allows implementation of a reusable and centralized layer for connecting multiplatform apps as well as automate process. Their in-depth knowledge of the technology and its implementation helped customers simplify their businesses regardless of the diversified IT infrastructure.

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The BizTalk Server of Microsoft is a premier server for the development of IS integration solutions for supporting and automating business processes in an enterprise. The architecture of the server comprises of two major components, namely, Messaging and Orchestration.

The Messaging component enables communication with various platforms and systems via using adapters that implements the underlying protocol rules as well as data formats. It listens for messages to come, route them to the right target systems and sends them. This is the bottom layer and the heart of the engine of BizTalk, All components in the BizTalk Server, like orchestration, business activity services, enterprise single sign-on, business rules engine and health and activity tacking will heavily depend on this layer.

The Orchestration component enables creating, executing and managing business processes called orchestrations. It’s made on top of the messaging components, thus consuming its services, like the orchestration’s communication outside the engine for transporting and routing messages. The component handles the state of every orchestration and its correlation with external business entities as well.


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Given the high volume of data for the internet of things, some may doubt if the BizTalk Server has any future in it. One of the example of devices hooked onto BizTalk for automation purpose so IMHO is suitable for the internet of things or IoT is the BizTalk RFID implementation.

RFID Server Connector Services

Server connector breaks the communication between the BizTalk RFID serve and BizTalk Server Mobile. It utilizes the LLRP protocol for communicating with the LLRP provider that runs on the server or a desktop. The RFID Server Connector has a couple of services, the store and forward service and remote management service.

  1. Store and forward service. Enables the BizTalk RFID mobile apps to send tag notifications to a remote BizTalk RFID store or server for locally storing the events. If opting to store the events locally, RFID Mobile stores the events in a database that could then be accessed via regular SQL queries. When choosing to forward the events, RFID mobile stores the events in a separate internal database. After establishing a connection with the server, the events are forwarded to a server.
  2. Remote management service. Allows a mobile device to run the BizTalk RFID mobile to be discovered and managed from the RFID manager. Also, the service enables a user to add the device manually by using the RFID manager.

LLRP, Low Level Reader Protocol Provider. LLRP species interface between RFID clients and readers. It offers formats and procedures for communicating between a reader and client. A client in a BizTalk RFID contest is an app that runs on BizTalk RFID middleware. The LLRP provider for BizTalk RFID offers out-of-the-box integration with any device, which supports the LLRP protocol. The LLRP provider utilizes a Windows Communication Foundation duplex channel for communicating with LLRP devices. The WCF channel takes care of the encoding and decoding LLRP request, notification and response messages.


  1. BizTalk, as an integration server, helps integrate enterprise applications at a single common point.
  2. Solutions may be developed extremely fast, so it requires less effort.
  3. Updates could easily be handled and easy maintenance as well.
  4. Negative scenarios could be handle easily, like for example if a service is down, an alternative is the Retry Mechanism.
  5. Alternate transport mechanism, meaning that it even supports service windows.
  6. BizTalk has numerous tools, like BRE, BAM and SSO.
  7. It’s designed to operate in a Multi-Server Environment. An application could be run on various servers for managing availability and load.
  8. Could be used to communicate with huge range of Legacy apps.
  9. MessageBox DB is designed for utmost performance.
  10. Cost saving advantage for clients in terms of development time.

Today, businesses must shift from manual to automation, supported by widely used methods and formats, such as the IoT in order to remain responsive and competitive. The internet of things has paved the way for simplifying business processes. The integration of the BizTalk Server is invaluable to build IoT solutions that streamline processes of organizations big and small.

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