Future Of Electronics: Integrated Pin Electronic For Automatic Test System

It’s hard to find a sector that has remained untouched by the technological renaissance happening each minute now. Advancements in technology will play a role in helping companies achieve future success. From transportation, retail to the wide field of tech and energy- or another field that is being examined empirically by digital tools- the results are bound to be fascinating. From small startups developing novel energy-efficient solutions to acclaimed companies pushing the horizon of innovation, the world is witnessing a major technological transition. And pin electronics are no exception. 


Analog Devices offer the ATE industry premium, and efficient pin electronics (PE), also known as pin drivers, are heavily employed for critical digital test applications. The high-ranking performance integrated pin electronics offer analytic examination application solutions in a single location, including a virtual drive and compare functions in one location. This ATE device also consists of a digital drive and juxtaposition of attributes, operative loads, and individual pin parametric measurement units. The device manages by setting levels of the DACs. Analog Devices consolidated pin electronics are widely popular for their quality. They patronize speeds to various Gbps with high precision and low processing power, all regulated through executing ADI’s exclusive procedures, providing unmatched solutions for unique, cost-sensitive test applications. The ATE pin electronics are created with a plethora of analog ICs. The engineers typically seek ICs, including pin electronics that deliver high performance with low power. The pin electronics are the electronic circuitry in the testing system that connects to the device under test (DUT). This circulatory system can deliver signals, powers, or precise voltages and currents to measure the pin’s response, drive, and electrical characteristics. In order to meet the specifications of one of its new divisions, the pin electronics integrated with multiple ATE operates under a single IC, which includes bringing the digital to analog converters (DACs) to optimum levels, driver comparator loads (DCL), and switches while creating discrete device performance. 


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DPS Test System and ATE 

The automated test equipment (ATE) is a testing apparatus designed to perform a single test or series of tests on one or multiple devices simultaneously. Various ATE testers include examinations on electronics semiconductors, and other ATE portfolio integrated pin electronics devices. The major blocks of PE devices include: 


  • Driver 
  • Comparator 
  • Load (DCL)


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A Device Power Supply (DPS) provides a testing environment with a high supply of voltage, which is required for the DUT. The DPS can be operated in both force voltage (FV) and force current (FI) settings. When the device power supply operates in FI mode, the voltage clamps ensure that the voltage is within the range of DUT. The DPS has the force and sense lines like a typical power supply to read and measure voltage current. The compensation circuit inside the DPS attempts to maintain a constant supply voltage regardless of the resistance applied between the DPS and DUT. The supply current is monitored through a sense resistor that depends on the selected current range, thus providing an adjustable voltage supply. 

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