The Ecstasy of Ganesha Art Paintings

The world is filled with some blissful art themes that are just spectacular.

Out of these, some are centric on traditional themes, while others swirl around the subject matter like landscape and natural sceneries. Some artists like to depict the abstraction of colours, lines, dots, motifs, and designs, while others like to bring down the characteristics of human emotion through portraits.

However, one art theme that probably stood the test of time and is still prevalent amongst both, the artists and the art lovers, is the religious subject matter.

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Representation of deities is an ever-trending way of artists to show their devotion and to target a mass audience.

You, just like millions of others might be a fan of paintings of Shiva, Rama, Krishna, etc. Indian people are too connected and sentimental with the religion, which makes the creation and sale of such artworks in demand across the generations.

Ganesha Artworks

Looking at the number of Gods and Goddesses worshipped in India, it won’t be wrong to predict that artists had and still have a diverse range of themes to cover around.

For instance, one of the most worshipped, popular, and loved deities is Lord Ganesha.

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This elephant-headed God is the son of Shiva – the Supreme one and Goddesses Parvati – the Shakti.

People celebrate the birth of Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi. Large sculptors, artefacts, and paintings of Ganesha are created and traded during the festivity.

People love Ganesha because of his innocence, naughtiness, naivetés, and valour.

And why shouldn’t they?

The tale of Ganesha is such an epitome of devotion, courage, and sacrifice that it makes this deity favourite for people of all age.

It is believed that Lord Shiva, beheaded Ganesha when the latter was trying to guard the door of Parvati’s room. Ganesha was following the order of his mother and Shiva wanted to see her wife. Both were not aware of each other’s identity.

After the beheading, Parvati came out and cursed Shiva immensely. Seeing the sorrow and the grief of Parvati, Shiva fitted the head of an elephant on Ganesha’s head. This lead to the birth of Lord Ganesha as we celebrate today every year.

Artists, from centuries, have been focusing on the epic tales of Ganesha. The story above is just one of the few enticing and captivating narrations of Ganesha’s eluding life.

In the market, you can avail varied forms of Ganesha artworks. For example, there are Ganesha paintings, Ganesha artefacts, Ganesha sculptors, Ganesha frescos, Ganesha wallpapers, etc.

Where to purchase?

You can get hands on the exquisite and enthralling pieces of Ganesha from a number of sources.

To start with, there are always brick & mortar art galleries, workshops, and studios in your city. Contact these dealers for vivacious and astonishing Ganesha artworks.

Along with this, you can also attend different art conventions, fairs, and exhibitions around your locality. Attending these events will offer you an opportunity to get in touch with renowned and emerging artists. Asking them about the requirement isn’t a bad idea.

Ganesha art pieces are available in abundance on the web. In the last decade, a number of online art galleries and art shops have emerged.

These online platforms have a humungous myriad of paintings and artworks of every art style and genre.

Also, you can follow different art blogs to get in touch with artists who are interested in selling Ganesha artworks.

Albeit the prominence of the contemporary art form in the present times, there are countless art experts and artists who love to craft mesmerising pieces representing Ganesha.

Buying Ganesha art pieces directly from artists offer you an opportunity to cut down on the purchase price (as no extra commission or charge is included with the sale price).

Best time to buy

Apparently, you can find Ganesha paintings across the year but the best time when you have to pay the least for such artworks is during the off-season.

These are the times when the prices of these artworks become minimal.

If you are looking to buy Ganesha artworks during the peak seasons like during Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali, you can expect elevated prices.

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