Genshin Impact Invokation TCG Tier List

There are 27 character cards in the new Genius Invokation TCG in Genshin Impact. That should give you enough variations in decks to use in battles all over Teyvat. Of course, Travelers will want the best character cards in their deck, so hopefully, this list can help you decide who those are.

Without further ado, here are the character cards and their ratings.

The Starters

These are the cards you get from doing the TCG introduction quest. By the time you get Fischl, it is over, and you can start playing games at your leisure.



  • Tempered Sword (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Pyro, 2 Unaligned
  • Searing Onslaught (3 Pyro DMG) – 3 Pyro (on third consecutive use in a single round, deals +2 DMG)
  • Dawn (8 Pyro DMG) – 4 Pyro, 3 Energy (after activation, Diluc gains Pyro Infusion for two rounds)

As usual, Diluc is a straightforward character card to use. He focuses on dealing damage, and he’s especially deadly with Xingqiu’s Burst. The Pyro Infusion lets him do reactions with his normal attack instead of just his skill and Burst.

Rating: 4 out of 5. A powerful DPS character but only shines if you can set up elemental reactions and other specific circumstances. His talent card increases his output.



  • Ceremonial Bladework (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Cryo, 2 Unaligned
  • Frostgnaw (3 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo
  • Glacial Waltz (1 Cryo DMG) – 4 Cryo, 2 Energy (creates an Icicle which deals 2 Cryo DMG when switching characters. Icicle will disappear after switching characters 3 times.)

Players who main Kaeya in the main game are uncommon, but they’re not that rare. He’s a strong character in both modes. He has a relatively low Burst cost, which you can take advantage of in a quick-switch team. Freeze can also be used in specific situations to keep the opponent from making a move.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. There are specific compositions where he will be crucial to the strategy, but otherwise, he could be more helpful. If you want to stall, he can heal himself once every round with his talent card.



  • Wind Spirit Creation (1 Anemo DMG) – 1 Anemo, 2 Unaligned
  • Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308 (3 Anemo DMG) – 3 Anemo (forcibly switches the target character to the previous one)
  • Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II (1 Anemo DMG) – 3 Anemo, 2 Energy (summons 1 Large Wind Spirit that deals 2 Anemo DMG on the End Phase. It also causes a Swirled element to become the character’s element once until they leave the field.)

Sucrose can easily trigger Swirl reactions, one of the TCG’s only ways to deal AoE damage. It can be tricky to set up, but with a constant applicator of elements, she could be a powerful character that can damage all the opponent’s cards.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. Like Kaeya, she can be utilized in specific combinations and setups. She isn’t a character card you can slap anywhere and use efficiently. There must be some focus on her and her abilities for them to shine. Her talent card helps but doesn’t help her situational usefulness.



  • Bolts of Downfall (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Electro, 2 Unaligned
  • Nightrider (1 Electro DMG) – 3 Electro (Summons Oz, who deals 1 Electro DMG during the End Phase for 2 rounds)
  • Midnight Phantasmagoria (4 Electro DMG) – 3 Electro, 3 Energy (also deals 2 Piercing DMG to enemies on stand-by)

Fischl’s Burst is one of few that could deal Piercing DMG, which should be a big plus for her. However, with a 3 energy requirement, it can be tricky to charge up as she has low DMG output otherwise. Oz dealing DMG only during the End Phase doesn’t help, either.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 with her talent card. Her energy requirement is steep, but her talent card helps with that. With it, her regular attacks will have Oz add 2 Electro DMG to the attack. You could still let her gain energy in other ways, such as event cards and action cards. Without that card, though, she has lackluster damage output other than her Burst.


For these cards, you have to invite the owners to play with you through the board in the Cat’s Tail. You’ll need a Match Invitation Letter to duel them. You can get it by doing various objectives in the TCG Handbook or increasing your Player Level.

Kamisato Ayaka


  • Kamisato Art: Kabuki (2 Physical DMG) – 1 Cryo, 2 Unaligned
  • Kamisato Art: Hyoka (3 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo
  • Kamisato Art: Soumetsu (4 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo, 3 Energy (summons a Frostflake Seki no To, which deals 2 Cryo DMG during the End Phase 2 times)
  • Passive: Kamisato Art: Senho – When switching in Ayaka as the active character, she gains a Cryo Infusion that lasts until the end of the round.

Ayaka is a solid DPS in both aspects of the game. Her Cryo infusion can trigger helpful reactions, and her talent card makes it even better. Her Burst also does excellent damage and provides a summon. She’s an awesome DPS, even without reactions.

Rating: 5 out of 5. She’s on par with Diluc, with one crucial difference: activating her infusion state is more accessible. She’ll get even better with her talent cards and specific weapons and artifacts, but even on her own, she can dish it out.



  • Liutian Archery (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Cryo, 2 Unaligned
  • Trail of the Qilin (1 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo (releases an Ice Lotus that can mitigate DMG by 1 twice before it disappears)
  • Frostflake Arrow (2 Cryo DMG) – 5 Cryo (also deals 2 Piercing DMG to reserve characters)
  • Celestial Shower (1 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo, 2 Energy (also deals 1 Piercing DMG to reserve characters. Summons a Sacred Cryo Pearl that deals 1 Cryo DMG to the active and 1 Piercing to the others in the End Phase.)

Ganyu has several AoE damage options, but the main one is costly at 5 dice. Still, she can be a powerhouse with the proper set up of artifacts, weapons, and other support cards. With the appropriate cards, she’s easier to use. Her talent card can provide a less costly use of her Frostflake Arrow, though you’ll have to shoulder the cost afterward.

Rating: 4 out of 5. High cost for the prominent ability, but the proper set up can destroy teams in a few turns. She must have a deck built around her skills.



  • Ripple of Fate (1 Hydro DMG) – 1 Hydro, 2 Unaligned
  • Mirror Reflection of Doom (1 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro (summons a Reflection that decreases DMG taken by 1 once. When it does, at the End Phase, it deals 1 Hydro DMG and disappears)
  • Stellaris Phantasm (4 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro, 3 Energy (creates an Illusory Bubble that doubles the damage for one next attack. Calculation for the doubling of damage is done after all the additive DMG bonuses are applied.)
  • Passive: Illusory Torrent – Allows Mona to be switched out as a Fast Action once per round. Costs still apply.

Mona is a support character you’d want because of her Burst. It can defeat a character card in one shot with the proper reactions and enough buffs. She also has utility with her passive ability, which is excellent in quick-switch decks. Try putting her with Kaeya to utilize his Burst!

Rating: 4 out of 5. Depending on your strategy, her quick switch ability is an excellent option. Her Burst being able to double the damage of an attack is also valuable. With her talent card, her damage potential goes through the roof.



  • Firework Flare-Up (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Pyro, 2 Unaligned
  • Niwabi Fire Dance – 1 Pyro (puts Yoimiya in the Niwabi Ensou state. Under it, regular attacks deal +1 DMG and are converted to Pyro DMG. Technically wastes a turn because your turn ends when used.)
  • Ryuukin Saxifrage (3 Pyro DMG) – 3 Pyro, 2 Energy (creates an Aurous Blaze that deals 1 Pyro DMG whenever someone other than Yoimiya uses a skill.)

Yoimiya can be an excellent Pyro DPS if her skill doesn’t waste a turn. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it. Still, her damage potential is high if you can manage that wasted turn. It’s even better with her talent card. She’ll work great with Xingqiu.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. That wasted turn can be a turn-off, but she’s one of the best DPS cards in the game.



  • Yunlai Swordsmanship (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Electro, 2 Unaligned
  • Stellar Restoration (3 Electro DMG) – 3 Electro (creates a Lightning Stiletto. This lets you switch in Keqing and grant her Electro Infusion. If used with one already active, it disappears and grants the infusion.)
  • Starward Sword (4 Electro DMG) – 4 Electro, 3 Energy (also deals 2 Piercing DMG to reserve characters.)

Keqing is recommended by most players. She has the highest Piercing DMG along with base damage with her Burst. Her skill can also be utilized in quick-switching strategies. Her talent card even increases the duration of her infusion and adds 1 Electro DMG to her infused regular attacks.

Rating: 5 out of 5. Keqing doesn’t need much to deal damage, but she could get more substantial with elemental reactions. She’s one of the best character cards to get.



  • Invoker’s Spear (2 Physical DMG) –  1 Electro, 2 Unaligned
  • Secret Rite: Chasmic Soulfarer (3 Electro DMG) – 3 Electro
  • Sacred Rite: Wolf’s Swiftness (4 Electro DMG) – 4 Electro, 2 Energy
  • Passive: Lawful Enforcer – At the start of the battle, Cyno gains Pactsworn Pathclearer

Not much is known about Cyno’s abilities since you can only invite him for a duel once you’re a level 7 player. Judging from his gameplay outside of the TCG, he becomes excellent a few turns in when he has accumulated stacks of Pactsworn Pathcleaver.

Rating: unknown for now. Too little of his abilities are known.



  • Favonius Bladework (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Anemo, 2 Unaligned
  • Gale Blade (3 Anemo DMG) – 3 Anemo (also switches out the character to the next one)
  • Dandelion Breeze – 4 Anemo, 3 Energy (heals all characters for 2 HP and creates a Dandelion Field, which deals 2 Anemo DMG and heals the active character by 1 HP in the End Phase.)

Jean is more of a healer than a damager, but you can utilize Swirl with her skills. It’s one of the ways to damage all your opponent’s characters, and it can trigger elemental reactions to boot. She doesn’t have much utility besides that, though.

Rating: 3.5 of 5. Her importance depends on your preferred strategies, and she’s one of four healers in the TCG.



  • Steel Fang (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Electro, 2 Unaligned
  • Claw and Thunder (3 Electro DMG) – 3 Electro
  • Lightning Fang (5 Electro DMG) – 3 Electro, 3 Energy (Razor gain The Wolf Within effect, where his regular attacks deal an additional 2 Electro DMG for two rounds)

Razor is a normal attack DPS t could synergize well with Xingqiu. His abilities are pretty straightforward, and you’d want to activate his Burst as soon as possible. He becomes deadly with the right combination of artifacts and equipment, and his talent card is helpful with that.

Rating: 4 out of 5. An easy to use DPS with no frills, though some might prefer a flashier character.



  • Katzlein Style (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Cryo, 2 Unaligned
  • Icy Paws (2 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cyro (creates a Cat-Claw Shield that grants a shield point to your active character. It will be consumed when taking damage.)
  • Signature Mix (1 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo, 3 Energy (also heals the character for 2 HP and summons Drunken Mist. The latter heals the active character for 2 HP and deals 1 Cyro DMG during the End Phase.)

Diona doesn’t have much in the way of damage, but she makes it up with her ability to create shields and heal. The Drunken Mist could also be a way to initiate reactions. Still, it would depend on your preferred strategy.

Rating: 3.5 of 5.



  • Demonbane (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Cryo, 2 Unaligned
  • Chonghua’s Layered Frost (3 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo (creates a Chonghua Frost Field that converts sword, claymore, and polearm Phys DMG into Cryo DMG for two rounds)
  • Cloud-Parting Star (7 Cryo DMG) – 3 Cryo, 3 Energy

Chongyun boasts one of the most significant Burst damages in the TCG, second to Diluc. While it has no other special effects, he could be a support character with his talent card. It adds another round for the Frost Field’s duration and +1 DMG to regular attacks.

Rating: 4 out of 5. An easy-to-use Burst damager.



  • Guhua Style (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Hydro, 2 Unaligned
  • Fatal Rainscreen (2 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro (applies Hydro onto the character and creates 1 Rain Sword. The latter decreases DMG taken by 1 if the attack deals 3 or more points of DMG.)
  • Raincutter (1 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro, 2 Energy (applies Hydro onto the character, creates 1 Rainbow Bladework that deals 2 Hydro DMG when a character uses their normal attack.)

Despite the Hydro application to himself (which can be a detriment), Xingqiu’s utility can’t be denied. His damage mitigation and boost to normal attack damage can be helpful in many situations. His Burst is relatively easy to activate too.

Rating: 4 out of 5



  • Whisper of Water (1 Hydro DMG) – 1 Hydro, 2 Unaligned
  • Let the Show Begin (1 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro (creates a Melody Loop that heals the active character for 1 HP in the End Phase for 2 rounds. Applies Hydro to the active character.)
  • Shining Miracle – 3 Hydro, 3 Energy (heals all characters for 4 HP)

Barbara is one of four healers in the TCG, and that’s all she does. The Hydro application to the active character can work against you, though. She doesn’t deal much damage, so use her only if you want or need a dedicated healer.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5



  • Strike of Fortune (2 Physical DMG) – 1 Pyro, 2 Unaligned
  • Passion Overload (3 Pyro DMG) – 3 Pyro
  • Fantastic Voyage (2 Pyro DMG) – 4 Pyro, 3 Energy (creates an Inspiration Field. If active character’s HP>7, gives +2 DMG for the next attack. Otherwise, heals 2 HP.)

Bennett is still the jack-of-all-trades character, even here in the TCG. His utility increases even more with his talent card that does away with the HP restriction, giving a DMG boost and healing to the active character.

Rating: 4 out of 5



  • Sparkling Scatter (1 Geo DMG) – 1 Geo, 2 Unaligned
  • Jade Screen (2 Geo DMG) – 3 Geo (creates a Jade Screen that decreases DMG taken by 1 twice)
  • Starshatter (6 Geo DMG) – 3 Geo, 3 Energy (+2 DMG if a Jade Screen is active.)

In the right circumstances, Ningguang can match or surpass Diluc in Burst DMG. She can also mitigate DMG with her Jade Screen and Crystallize reactions which are always a good thing to have. An excellent DPS to have in your deck.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



  • Favonius Bladework – Maid (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Geo, 2 Unaligned
  • Breastplate (1 Geo DMG) – 1 Geo, 2 Unaligned (creates 1 Full Plate that grants 2 Shield Points. It will halve any Phys DMG the active character takes before all the points are consumed.)
  • Sweeping Time (4 Geo DMG) – 4 Geo, 2 Energy (normal attacks consume 1 less Geo die, gets +2 DMG, and are converted into Geo DMG. Lasts 2 rounds)

Noelle is a shielder and deals consistent enough damage (not enough to match other DPS-focused characters). She can also heal a bit with her talent card, but other characters do that better. Her shields are why you’d want her.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. She’ll fit in specific compositions and strategies, but she’s not a general-use character.



  • Supplicant’s Bowmanship (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Dendro, 2 Unaligned
  • Floral Brush (3 Dendro DMG) – 3 Dendro
  • Trump-Card Kitty (2 Dendro DMG) – 3 Dendro, 2 Energy (creates 1 Cullein-Anbar that deals 2 Dendro DMG during the End Phase for 2 rounds.)

Collei is the only Dendro (human) character card. As such, she is your only option if you want to trigger any Dendro-related reactions. She’s not much of a direct damage dealer. Still, if your strategy is to create as many reactions as possible, she’s an excellent card.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Tavern Challenges (Enemy Character Cards)

These cards come from victories from Tavern Challenges given by Prince. You’ll fight his cat friends for them, and they’re not pushovers, either.

Rhodeia of Loch


  • Surge (1 Hydro DMG) – 1 Hydro, 2 Unaligned
  • Oceanid Mimic Summoning – 3 Hydro (creates an Oceanid Mimic summon that prioritizes a different one from any existing ones. There are three kinds: Ferret, Frog, and Raptor. Ferrets and Raptors deal 2 and 1 Hydro DMG in the End Phase, respectively. The former lasts 2 rounds and the latter 3. Frogs decrease DMG taken by 1 twice. Afterward, it will deal 2 Hydro DMG in the End Phase and disappear.)
  • The Myriad Wilds – 5 Hydro (summons 2 Oceanid Mimic summons)
  • Tide and Torrent (2 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro, 3 Energy (for every friendly summon on the field +2 DMG)

Rhodeia of Loch is a summoner who becomes more powerful the more friendly summons there are active on the field. Since it doesn’t say that it has to be Hydro Mimics, Guoba, Oz, Cullein-Anbar, or Sucrose’s Isomer 75 can add to that number.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. Depends on how many summons you can keep up by the time you use her Burst.

Fatui Pyro Agent


  • Thrust (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Pyro, 2 Unaligned
  • Prowl (1 Pyro DMG) – 3 Pyro (character gains Stealth)
  • Blade Ablaze (5 Pyro DMG) – 3 Pyro, 2 Energy
  • Passive: Stealth Master – Character gains Stealth upon battle start. While under Stealth, the character deals +1 DMG and takes -1 DMG.

Stealth can be a valuable state to take advantage of. It can let the Agent survive an attack he otherwise wouldn’t or defeat a character instead of leaving a single point of HP. Still, it is situational and depends on your preference.

Rating: 4 out of 5 with his talent card that grants him a Pyro Infusion. Otherwise, 3.5 out of 5.

Mirror Maiden


  • Water Ball (1 Hydro DMG) – 1 Hydro, 2 Unaligned
  • Influx Blast (3 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro (target receives Refraction, which adds 1 Hydro DMG taken and lasts for 2 rounds)
  • Rippled Reflection (5 Hydro DMG) – 3 Hydro, 2 Energy

Mirror Maiden would work well with a Hydro DPS, though few could be considered that. Still, she could support any of them with Refraction. However, her talent card implies that you shouldn’t switch her out after using Influx Blast.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Stonehide Lawachurl


  • Plama Lawa (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Geo, 2 Unaligned
  • Movo Lawa (3 Phys DMG) – 3 Geo
  • Upa Shato (5 Phys DMG) – 3 Geo, 2 Energy
  • Passive: Infused Stonehide – The character gains Stonehide and Stone Force when the battle begins. The former would reduce DMG taken by 1 three times unless it was Geo DMG, which consumes an additional usage. Stone Force converts Phys DMG to Geo DMG. It also gives +1 DMG once every round. This status will be removed when all Stonehide uses are consumed.

From the descriptions, you should keep the Stonehide status on it as much as possible. You can regain it using the talent card, but with only two available in the deck, it could take some luck before you can draw it in your hand.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Maguu Kenki


  • Ichimonji (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Anemo, 2 Unaligned
  • Blustering Blade (1 Anemo DMG) – 3 Anemo (creates a Shadowsword: Lone Gale that deals 1 Anemo DMG for 2 rounds during the End Phase)
  • Frosty Assault (1 Cyro DMG) – 3 Cryo (creates a Shadowsword: Galloping Frost that deals 1 Cryo DMG for 2 rounds during the End Phase)
  • Pseudo Tengu Sweeper (4 Anemo DMG) – 3 Anemo, 3 Energy (triggers the effects of any Shadowsword summon. It does not decrease usage.)

Its talent card will be great for quick switching. Depending on which skill you used, the Maguu Kenki will automatically switch out for the previous (Blustering Blade) or next (Frosty Assault) character. It can also easily trigger Swirl reactions with its Burst, as the summons could be Anemo or Cryo element.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Jadeplume Terrorshroom


  • Majestic Dance (2 Phys DMG) – 1 Dendro, 2 Unaligned
  • Volatile Spore Cloud (3 Dendro DMG) –  3 Dendro
  • Feather Spreading (4 Dendro DMG) – 3 Dendro, 2 Energy (consumes all Radical Vitality stacks, adding a point of DMG for each stack.)
  • Passive: Radical Vitality – When the battle begins, it gains Radical Vitality

This is the only other Dendro character card in the TCG card list. Aside from being able to trigger Dendro reactions, it can be a DPS with high stacks of Radical Vitality, and its talent card can increase its capacity by 1.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Player Experience May Vary

Ratings, rankings, and tier lists are subjective. That said, this is just the opinion of one Genshin player, so take it with a grain of salt. It would be best if you tried experimenting with different character combinations and finding what you like best. Most importantly, have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff. Use whoever you want and like using. Make your own strategies.

Enjoy Genshin Impact and Genius Invokation TCG!

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