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Hi there Vacationers! The Genshin Influence dev group is psyched to share with you the hottest information on our initial model update of 2023, coming on January 18. As the world of Teyvat ushers in a new calendar year, Variation 3.4 The Beautiful Night Chimes will introduce two new playable characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao as nicely as loads of enjoyment, activities, and wealthy rewards. Whilst the folks of Liyue are chaotic preparing for annual Lantern Rite celebrations, the Yashiro Fee and Arataki Itto are also organizing something exciting and tough. Gamers can appear forward to saying the following rewards for no cost: 10 + 3 Intertwined Fates, a 4-star Liyue character, and Lisa’s new outfit! Kamisato Ayaka’s new outfit will also be out there in retailer with a constrained-time discounted.

In addition to celebrations and functions, a new location amid sandstorms finally reveals itself between the huge desert of Sumeru, where myths, wonders, and mysteries are buried.

Festivities, game titles, and rewards

In the yearly Lantern Rite celebrations, Liyue Harbor has been adorned with ribbons, lanterns, fireworks, and several festive pursuits are also in complete swing. A unique music pageant will be hosted this year showcasing friends from afar. In the meantime, the locals are completely ready to share some classic crafts, these as the Paper Theater Performance, which is a will have to-see among the children. The effectiveness attributes the Valiant Bearded Hero Huanguang, and Tourists will help driving the scenes to make certain that the series of performances operates smoothly. One more function gameplay, Radiant Sparks, will allow gamers to practical experience the sensation of soaring into the sky like blooming fireworks.

The pleasure also spreads to Inazuma, in which two competitions await challengers. The Yashiro Commission is occupied planning for “Warrior’s Spirit,” a levels of competition in which contributors will duel with blades applying Inazuma’s regular capabilities of “Parry” and “Honed Approaches.” In the course of the event, Kamisato Ayaka will wear a new outfit and engage in an extraordinary duel with a unique visitor. On the other facet of the islands, Arataki Itto is also hosting a opposition, but it is just one that involves contestants to duel with their beetles. For the duration of the “Beetle Brawl,” you can manage your Onikabuto to crush your opponents with procedures and perfect timing.

Far more situations and surprises are however to come. The “Second Blooming” obstacle occasion will give Travelers an option to redeem Lisa’s new outfit for free. Meanwhile, don’t forget about to check out the every day login and greeting emails to claim up to 10 + 3 Intertwined Fates.

A “Feeble” Scholar of Sumeru and an endearing Soul of Liyue

In Version 3.4, equally two new playable characters Alhaitham and Yaoyao possess a Dendro Vision, but their personalities differ in many means. Alhaitham, the latest scribe of the Sumeru Akademiya, is a rational specific in pursuit of real truth and wisdom, though Yaoyao indulges herself in character and people all-around her, forming near bonds with quite a few creatures, mates, and even the adepti of Liyue.

Serving as the Akademiya’s scribe, Alhaitham has been a reliable companion on our journey to rescue Nahida. You can discover out extra about Alhaitham’s present-day predicament in his Tale Quest Vultur Volans Chapter, wherever the story proceeds right after he has taken up the function of Performing Excellent Sage. Furthermore, this self-proclaimed “feeble scholar” can now be a part of your get together as a 5-star sword wielder, letting you to use his knowledge to your own journey. Alhaitham values performance in fight. He can build Chisel Light Mirrors with his Elemental assaults and other signifies. The Chisel Mild Mirrors can convert Alhaitham’s attacks into Dendro damage, unleash coordinated attacks, and increase the destruction dealt by his Elemental Burst when a lot more Mirrors are current. Hence, how to regulate the amount and use of Chisel Light-weight Mirrors is the critical to enhancing Alhaitham’s capacity in overcome.

The new four-star character, Yaoyao, is a lovable boy or girl who is favored by both of those the adepti and locals in Liyue. She is an apprentice of Madame Ping and was specified a rabbit-shaped adeptus unit named Yuegui by Cloud Retainer. In battle, Yaoyao wields a polearm and throws Yuegui to support her in fight. She also gives healing to the team, or buffs her movement speed and Dendro Resistance. Also, Yaoyao is quite common with diverse forms of creatures, so she will not spook nearby creatures like compact animals and Crystalflies when she strategies them.

Yaoyao, Alhaitham, and Xiao’s rerun will get area in the initially 50 percent of Model 3.4’s Function Needs, and the latter 50 percent will element Hu Tao’s and Yelan’s reruns. Also, don’t forget to invite 1 of the 9 4-star characters from Liyue, like Yaoyao, to your party for free when you accumulate a selected volume of Festive Fever.

Amidst sandstorms and legends

Amid dust and sandstorms, a perilous region of Sumeru, the Desert of Hadramaveth is last but not least unveiled. With a perpetual gigantic twister at its center, the landscape expands and spirals out into the distance. The closer you get to the center, the more powerful and harsher sandstorms you might encounter, generating it more durable to see by means of the storm. As the experience progresses, you can also obtain defense and enable to endure the raging sandstorms.

Meanwhile, potential risks also lurk beneath, in which the Wenut search for likelihood to penetrate through the surface to start attacks against you. The deadliest among the them is the new manager, the Setekh Wenut, a crafty predator that lures its prey applying mimicry of flowers on its tail. The Setekh Wenut resurfaces at intervals, using on different varieties during fight, leaping out of the sand like a worm firing powerful Anemo beam assaults in the variety of a flower. Here’s a very little suggestion: the Swirl Response can be the important to weakening the Setekh Wenut at the suitable time.

Having said that, the relentless wind also provides up buried pieces from different eras. Parts of ruins and thorn-stuffed caverns scattered in rifts and valleys may lead you to the remains of the town of Gurabad, or even the Orchard of Pairidaeza (now referred to as the Everlasting Oasis by the desert dwellers), the place legend has it that King Deshret developed this everlasting space of stillness to commemorate the Goddess of Bouquets.

If you’ve finished the Golden Slumber Earth Quest, you will team up with Jeht yet again and a mysterious Magic Bottle in lookup of the extensive-shed Orchard of Pairidaeza. Established out from the Tanit Camps – a enormous settlement with a special lifestyle, and witness Jeht’s journey in look for for her family origins. A history missing in time will step by step be unveiled.

New card activity mode

Setting up from Model 3.4, each version update will feature a minimal-time Genius Invokation TCG gameplay manner. For Edition 3.4, the new rule of the minimal-time mode is to start off with 8 Omni Dice. Meanwhile, two new Character Playing cards: Klee and Beidou will be joining the duels in this impending update.

Past but not least, we would like to categorical our honest many thanks to everyone who has joined the fantasy world of Teyvat. Thank you, Vacationers, and we look ahead to paying out one more fantastic yr with all of you!

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