Gigantic GTA 6 Leak Confirmed Real as Devs Show Support for Rockstar

In case you someway missed it, GTA 6 was unceremoniously leaked to the community with about 90 online video clips of early, mid-development footage. There was some issue as to whether this was the actual deal or an incredibly elaborate hoax, but Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has confirmed it truly is legit:

Citing “Rockstar sources”, Schreier claims this is “just one of the biggest leaks in movie activity heritage”. Acquire Two has compelled the YouTube movies offline, but obviously the harm has by now been carried out.

The entire circumstance has prompted fairly a stir among enthusiasts and all those in the industry. In the end, it boils down to how damaging leaks like this can be. Some fans see this footage of an unfinished game and suppose that’s what the closing video game will be like, which is of system preposterous. For the folks creating GTA 6, it’ll be a major blow, not least of which since it damages the picture of the studio and the recreation prior to it is even official. We have found a number of say Rockstar workers are getting harassed about the leak on social media, too.

Builders have been showing solidarity with Rockstar as this has been happening, featuring words of sympathy as well as describing why leaks are undesirable:

Of system there are several, several other comments about the GTA 6 leak should you care to glance all-around. What are your thoughts on this entire condition? Are you versus leaks or does it not really hassle you? Focus on (properly, now) in the reviews part beneath.

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