GOPers get in touch with out pedophilia for the reason that they’re projecting (it’s why Tim Pool wears a beanie!) –

Young Turk Cenk Uygur is a tough man. Or at the very least he thinks he is. He thinks he can beat up Joe Rogan, recall.

In any case, Mr. Tricky Dude a short while ago went off on a tear towards Republicans and conservatives who have voiced their fears about the sexualization of kids and “gender-affirming” “overall health care” leaving lifelong actual physical and psychological scars on small children. According to Cenk, the reason for their vocal opposition to those people factors is that they are, in reality, projecting their have pedophilic tendencies on to the Left as a way of preventing the truth about by themselves, wherever the reality is that they adore little one molesters and on their own. want to molest youngsters.

Oh, and also, Tim Pool wears a beanie to preserve his pedophilia confined to his brain:


Has Cenk ever viewed as switching to decaf? For the reason that now seems like it’d be a very good time to do that.

For your information and facts, here is the aspect that Cenk thinks renders his remarks absolutely sane and regular and not at all unhinged:

Ok, let us just unpack that for a moment.

It can be almost certainly protected to say that the bulk of Catholic priests are not sexual predators. Also, Catholic clergymen are not inherently suitable-wing. There are in fact a ton of left-wing Catholic monks out there. Not that being conservative or liberal is an indicator of a penchant for pedophilia.

Which delivers us to Dennis Hastert. Sure, Hastert was a Republican, but which is not why he was a sick freak. On top of that, there have been a great deal of Democratic politicians who ended up/are sexual predators, which include some who preyed/prey on youngsters.

And as much as Jeffrey Epstein is anxious, if you might be heading to go just after him for staying a “buddy” of Donald Trump, then acknowledge that Trump was a happy liberal Democrat until eventually he made a decision to check out his luck at the GOP presidential nomination. Acknowledge that Invoice Clinton was on extremely welcoming conditions with Jeffrey Epstein. Admit that you will find no proof as of however that Elon Musk, who just isn’t “proper-wing,” was friends with Epstein, permit by yourself that the extent of his conversation with Epstein was any much more than once currently being at the identical social gathering at the exact time. As a general rule, if you are gonna engage in the Jeffrey Epstein card, you’d superior be well prepared to protect all the liberal stars who palled close to with him over the decades.

Yeah, it would not make it superior. It just will make Cenk Uygur glimpse even even worse. For the reason that instead of just agreeing that sexual grooming of children and pedophilia is wrong, he’s grasping for Republican squirrels. If you assume about it, he is basically performing what he is accusing Tim Pool and other Republicans/conservatives of accomplishing.


And talking of awkwardly:

Creepy. We contact it creepy.


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