Grocery delivery apps are on the rise: Adopt these strategies to stay competitive in the market and benefit people

“There was a time when people felt the Internet was another world, but now we realize it is a tool used in today’s world,” quoted Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web. Technological advancements have pushed human boundaries. Nowadays, people demand comfort and convenience. Solutions to any problem are available on the Internet. One of the major problems that people faced in the last decade is to wait for services. By modern advancements, services are available at people’s doorsteps. The revolution of on-demand apps is evident throughout the globe. 

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. There are no signs of people’s movement. The outbreak has led to indefinite closures of schools, colleges, industries, etc. People are waiting for long hours to get groceries. However, grocery shops are finding it difficult to cope up with the demand. On any given day, they return empty shelves within a few hours. But people need groceries for survival. To solve this problem, modern technology has come up with a grocery delivery app. In this blog, you’ll get to know the impact of coronavirus and the benefits of using grocery delivery apps. You’ll get to know the safety measures one can follow during an on-demand grocery delivery app development. 

‘The detrimental impact of the coronavirus pandemic’ 

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  • The total cases as of April 17 stand at a whopping amount of 2.2 million. 
  • Almost 550,000 have recovered from the disease while the casualty rate has been quite staggering. As of now, it stands at 146,000. 
  • According to Reuters, at least 185 countries across the globe have reported the virus spread. 
  • The US alone accounts for 30% of the total cases. 
  • Unemployment claims have been increasing by the day. It now exceeds 20 million in the US. 
  • In the last week alone, 5.2 million US people applied for unemployment claims. 
  • According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the US economy will shrink by 5.9%, and the European economy will go down by 7.5%. 
  •  Moreover, the global economy is expected to decline sharply by 3%, which is much worse than the global economic downfall of 2008-09. 
  • The International Labour Organization is seeing major declines in Industrial output. It has forecasted that almost 1.25 billion people’s jobs are at stake. 

‘On-demand apps are experiencing a paradigm shift’ 

The only industry that has been experiencing an uplift this pandemic season is the on-demand apps industry. Let’s take a look at the staggering growth of On-demand delivery apps. 

  • Instacart, a famous online platform, has seen daily download rates spike by 218%. 
  • Walmart Grocery, too, reached a new milestone in daily download rates. They rose to 160% in a single day. 
  • To meet the exceeding demands of the people, Walmart Grocery is planning to hire an additional 150,000 workers. 
  • BigBasket, an Indian-based delivery platform, is delivering 200,000 orders per day. 
  • Dash’s market, a popular grocery delivery platform, saw an 800% increase in the number of orders. 

The rise of these grocery delivery apps has been quite evident from the facts above. 

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‘Grocery deliveries to doorsteps are benefiting people’ 

Let’s take a look at how people are benefited from these grocery delivery platforms. 

    • Accessibility to multiple stores: Due to nation-wide lockdowns, people aren’t allowed to step out on the streets. However, people can still access multiple stores sitting in their homes. This is one major advantage of these grocery delivery platforms. They connect multiple stores across the town and bring them under one roof. This way, people can choose groceries from a diversified range of grocery shops. 
  • Time and Energy conservation: You needn’t worry if you’ll get a cab to reach the grocery stores. Moreover, you are relieved of carrying your groceries back home. This greatly conserves energy. You needn’t wait for hours in line to access grocery stores. With just a few taps on your smartphones, you can get doorstep deliveries. Thus these online platforms greatly conserve time and energy. 
  • A safety measure: People fear to step into the streets. They fear they’ll contract the disease if they step out online. The vulnerability of being exposed brings fear to people’s minds. Hence, as a safety measure, people are provided doorstep services. By adopting zero-contact deliveries, they are relieved that there is no contact with the external world. 

‘Grocery delivery platforms are can increase ROI’ 

With people’s demands increasing day-by-day, grocery delivery apps must ensure they stay competitive in the market. Here are a few tips that can help, 

  • Maintaining the network: Grocery delivery platforms must take measures to maintain their network. A grocery delivery network includes various sectors like grocery stores, the app site, and delivery professionals. Any disruptions to the disruption could mean they are out of the league. Hence, maintaining proper communication with grocery stores and delivery professionals is the need of the hour. Moreover, the app site must be able to withstand traffic this season. 
  • Tie-ups with local business units: Major grocery stores are running out of stock. However, there are various grocery stores which do not have the capacity to have a site of its own. Online grocery platforms can tie-up with these local business units. In this way, people can access multiple stores. Grocery platforms can stay competitive for a longer timeframe. 
  • Hiring delivery professionals: To thrive in the market, grocery platforms must satisfy as many people as possible. This is possible only by hiring delivery professionals. To cope up with the demand, this is an ideal strategy online grocery platforms can take upon. Just a reminder, giants of the industry like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, etc., have already begun to hire delivery professionals. 

‘Launch your app instantly in the market’ 

Various app development companies are providing customized clone apps to business owners. While developing a grocery app takes around 3-4 months, you can launch these white-labeled apps instantly in the market. An Instacart clone app, in this demanding situation, can greatly boost your ROI. 

Summing up, 

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on various industries is worsening. Moreover, Governments of various nations are extending lockdowns to control the outbreak. People can avoid this deadly menace by practicing social distancing. On-demand grocery delivery apps are helping people to stay in self-isolation by providing doorstep services. The benefits experienced by people with these on-demand platforms are huge. Grocery delivery platforms must adopt certain strategies to stay competitive in the market. Let’s help mankind resurrect from these undesirable circumstances! 

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