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All the open qualifiers for the IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR (Regional Key Rating) have concluded with 13 teams making it as a result of to the Key qualifier. They will be joined by the three direct invitations who managed to make it to the legends stage of the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

These 16 groups from North and South America will now be using on each individual other in a bid to reserve a single of the 6 offered slots for the IEM Rio Big 2022. All the matches are scheduled to take location in an offline format from 5th to 9th Oct in Stockholm, Sweden.

Right here is complete details about the IEM Rio Significant 2022: American RMR such as teams, teams, final results, standings, structure, plan, and extra.

IEM Rio Important 2022 American RMR – Finish Specifics

The American RMR is a person of the 3 regions for which this tournament is using spot along with Europe and Asia-Pacific. Listed here is everything you need to have to know about this tournament which acts as a qualifier for the IEM Rio Main 2022.

Out of the 16 groups that will be taking part in the American RMR, three groups have been given a direct invite on the basis of their overall performance at the PGL Antwerp Key 2022, when the remaining 13 slots are up for grabs by using the 6 regional open qualifiers – 3 each for North and South The usa.

The three invited groups are,

  1. FURIA Esports

  2. Imperial Esports

  3. Crew Liquid

The 13 qualified teams are,

  1. Complexity Gaming | NA – Open Qualifier #1

  2. Ex-Gaimin | NA – Open Qualifier #1

  3. Evil Geniuses | NA – Open Qualifier #2

  4. ATK | NA – Open up Qualifier #2

  5. Workforce One particular eSports | NA – Open Qualifier #3

  6. Infinity | NA – Open up Qualifier #3

  7. Discomfort Gaming | SA – Open up Qualifier #1

  8. MIBR | SA – Open up Qualifier #1

  9. 00 Nation | SA – Open Qualifier #1

  10. 9z Workforce | SA – Open Qualifier #2

  11. O Plano | SA – Open Qualifier #2

  12. ARCTIC Esports | SA – Open up Qualifier #3

  13. Isurus | SA – Open Qualifier #3

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The American RMR is scheduled to consider location from 5th to 9th October at the ESL Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. This venue has been picked so that no teams have any complications with travel and visa applications.

For thorough timetable about the tournament click below.

  • The American RMR will be following a uncomplicated 16-group Swiss system structure.

  • Here all the matches will be a one-activity affair, except for elimination and progression matches which will be that includes a most effective-of-a few series.

  • The 1st-position decider will follow a three-video game sequence with a single-elimination structure.

  • The sixth-area decider will abide by a three-video game series with a one-elimination gauntlet format.

  • The major six groups will move on to the IEM Rio Significant 2022 even though the bottom 10 teams will be removed.

The slot distribution for American RMR will be as follows,

  • 1st – Legend Standing – TBD

  • 2nd – Challenger Status – TBD

  • 3rd – Challenger Standing – TBD

  • 4th – Contender Status – TBD

  • 5th – Contender Standing – TBD

  • 6th – Contender Standing – TBD

This is the very first CS:GO Important at any time to just take place in Brazil and is scheduled to consider place from 31st October to 13th November in the Jeunesse Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The tickets for the party have previously been sold out.

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