Guide to Buy Prescription Glasses Online

Doctors prescribe prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from further damage, better eyesight, and improvement of the eyesight. They can be a combination of both eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Here is everything you should know about buying them online.


Here is why you must buy prescription sunglasses:

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  • Vision improvement: These glasses give you optical clarity, they reduce the distortion, and they even improve your eye vision. There is even a possibility by the time your eyes can become as perfect as before.
  • Double protection: These glasses give double protection. They eliminate the elements that can cause irritation, heaviness, and eye fatigue. Moreover, they provide protection from dust and insect. Photochromatic glasses will give even more protection.
  • Easy to use: Unlike contact lenses, they are much handy, you just have to take them out of the case, clean the dust and wear it, easy, isn’t it?
  • One glasses double work: If your glasses are photochromatic, then you do not have to take the trouble of carrying two glasses and switching them.
  • Style statement: It is long back, when eyeglasses were the accessories of geeks. Now, even those who are not prescribed, wear glasses just for style and there are many cool designs available in the market, just pick the one that fits you best in all possibilities.


Here is what you should keep in mind while ordering glasses online:

  • Proper fitting of the frame:  Frames are measured with lens width, the bridge width, and the arm’s length, the fit of all the three must be perfect, but when buying online how will you know if you are making the right choice or not? Here is the answer; you can try the glasses on the store and then shop for the same size online.
  • You should know your pupillary distance: It is a distance between the centers of the pupils of both the eyes and is very important while buying glasses. If your lenses are not centered on your pupils, they will cause strain to your eyes.
  • Quality and safety of the glasses: Don’t get overwhelmed by the style and cheap price, always check the reviews of the online store before buying the product, as there is a possibility that you might not get what you expected. You can also take your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Prescription: You will need a prescription of your eye doctor to buy sunglasses online. The validity of this prescription is approximately for a year or two. If your doctor has not mentioned the expiry date on the prescription, then you must contact him to get one. Do not buy on your own without any proper prescription.

Prescription Glasses1

How to order the prescription sunglasses online:

  • First, select the frames. In some graphical websites, you can upload your picture and check, which glasses suit you the best.
  • Choose the features of your lenses.
  • Now, enter the information of your prescription manually, some websites have options of uploading the prescription too.
  • Now, check out and choose the way you want to make payment and place your order. That’s it.


Why one should consider buying prescription sunglasses online?

  1.   It is because they are cheap.
  2.    It is convenient to buy online.
  3.    You get much more options, in terms of style, color, and quality than any store can give.  
  4.    They come with many extra offers.


What can go wrong with buying prescription sunglasses online?

  1.    You cannot try them physically.
  2.    Returning and exchange of online things is a hassle.
  3.    Many times, you just do not get what you asked.
  4.    Many websites do not accept insurance.

Thus, buy prescription sunglasses online on the recommendation of your doctor.

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