Guy Walking Down The Road Finds A Massive Anaconda 

Imagine walking down the road and finding a massive anaconda stuck under a gate, sounds impossible right? 

Well, it happened to a guy in Brazil.

Mateus Henrique was out for a walk near his house in Brazil when he saw a massive anaconda stuck under a gate.

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During an interview with The Dodo, he explained what happened.

He said:

My reaction was one of surprise. I did not expect to come across her there.

Henrique said he was stunned to have crossed paths with such a big snake.

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The good thing is that the snake was not bothered with the presence of Henrique.

Talking about the massive snake, Henrique said:

She was very calm. When she noticed my presence, she didn’t care much and was very calm.

At one point, the snake just slithered away across the road despite the fact that Henrique was approaching her.

Later on, the anaconda disappeared into the surrounding forest.

Henrique said he was really happy to see the massive snake.

He continued: 

I was very happy to have the privilege of seeing her up close. For sure, this will stay in my memory forever.

What would you do if you spotted such a big snake near your house? Let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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