12 Ways to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

An obstetrician at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Audra Meadows, MD, has spent a lot of time educating women on how their wellbeing can be optimized during, during, and after childbirth, so that vulnerabilities and other problems can be prevented. Dr. Meadows ‘ 12 tips for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child are provided here.

#1 – Eat right

This is especially necessary for pregnant women to eat a balanced diet. Your baby needs nutritious food, not fat or sugar. Eat lots of vibrant fruit and vegetables, whole wheat, low in calcium and unhealthy fats.

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#2 – Get your vitamins

Ensure that you get plenty of follicle and calcium. You can use diet and regular multivitamins to get these and other basic vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is found in peas, grapes, carrots, or kidney beans. Calcium is filled with butter, cheese and spinach. Nevertheless, a routine prenatal vitamin will help you get the right amount. Ask your doctor to take prenatal vitamin every day.

#3 – Stay hydrated

The body of a woman pregnant wants more than normal water. Go every day for eight or more cups.

#4 – Proper prenatal care

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A health professional will regularly give women prenatal care. The infants with low birth weight are much more likely to have parents who do not get daily prenatal care. 

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#5 – Avoid certain foods

Some foods should not be eaten during pregnancy by women. Do not eat: fresh and rare food, liver, salad, raw eggs, soft cheeses (feta, brie), and unpasteurized milk; Raw and unpasteurized foodstuffs may cause food toxicity. Those fish can be high in mercury, even if fried.

#6 – Don’t drink alcohol

Before and during pregnancy and during breastfeeding women should not drink alcohol. The risk of having a baby with fetal spectrum disorder (FASD) is increased by the consumption of alcohol. FASD may cause abnormal facial characteristics, severe learning impairments, and conduct problems.

In the first stages of pregnancy, alcohol will affect the health of an infant, before a mother is conscious of her embarkation.

#7 – Don’t smoke

To you and your unborn child, smoking is dangerous. Increases the risk of SIDS, premature births, defects of the infant and many other disease consequences. 

#8 – Get moving

For most pregnant women, routine exercise is great. Test the required physical activity with your doctor.

#9 – Get a flu shot

Grippe can very sick a pregnant woman, so ask her doctor to take a grip.

#10 – Get plenty of sleep

Ample night for you and your baby (7 to 9 hours). Try to go to sleep left to improve your and your children’s blood circulation.

#11 – Reduce stress

For boost birth conditions, it is important for reduce stress. Pregnant women should avoid stressful situations as much as possible. To support you with that, hire your loved ones.

#12 – Choose the right time to become pregnant

It increases your chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy delivery if you choose to get pregnant at a time when you know that you have the healthiest, “said Dr. Meadows.

It suggests not only that women must be safe before they get pregnant but also that they must consider their age before they get pregnant. The risk of pre-term pregnancy is greater for mothers with children younger than 16 years of age or older than 40 years of age. Therefore, pre-term babies are still more common for women who become pregnant again too soon (less than 18 months between births).

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