Why Hearing Loss Happen?

In daily life we do many things which are harmful to us but don’t aware about those things, So here I will give some tips on how to protect our ear from hearing loss.

So, first of all, we should know about hearing loss, Causes, Symptoms, And treatment So lets start.

What happens if any person suffering from hearing loss?

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So basically here we should know about hearing loss, So the hearing loss is When we can’t hear from one ear as well as both. It can range from mild to complete.

  • If you have Mild, you can’t hear the soft speech.
  • In Serve, Can’t hear a very loud speaker.
  • And in Complete, you can’t hear both soft and loud speech. This type of hearing loss is also known as Deafness.  

How do we know if anybody has hearing loss?

Some Signs or Symptoms of hearing loss are given below:-

  1. Unable to hear traffic noise.
  2. Having trouble hearing people on the phone or avoiding phone conversation.
  3. Everything sound muffled.
  4. Constantly asking people to repeat themselves, speak more clearly and slowly.
  5. Withdrawn from a social situation.

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Types of hearing loss:-  Basically hearing loss is of four type, which we discuss below.

1.Conductive Hearing Loss:- It happens when there’s problem in an outer or middle ear that slows or prevent sound waves from passing through. A problem may include blockage in the ear canal, Damage to the eardrum, fluid in the middle ear. It is a temporary hearing loss and can be treated. 

Common Cause include:-

  • Earwax build-up.
  • A birth defect where the ear has not developed properly.

2.Sensorineural Hearing Loss:-  When nerves of an inner ear damaged then It happens. That kind of hearing loss is permanent.

    Common Causes includes:-

  • Normal Ageing process.
  • Noise Exposure.
  • Genetic Disposition.

3.Mixed Hearing Loss:- This is a combination of conductive and Sensorineural. It is a permanent hearing loss.

  • In adults mainly Noise-induced Hearing loss occurs and the reason behind this is long-term exposure to sound are either too long or too loud.
  • This condition is common in older people because of high blood pressure or diabetes, can contribute hearing loss.
  • And in children it happens, for this many reasons Infection during pregnancy. Ototoxic medication used during pregnancy. And many reasons that it’s occurring.

Treatment for Hearing Loss:- Treatment is over health and the causes of the hearing loss.

1.Medicines:-  Medicines to treat ear infection may include ear antibiotics. It will kill infection caused by bacteria.

2.Hearing Aids:-  Babies as young as 4 weeks old can benefit from hearing aid but even the best hearing aids may not help a baby if she/he has served or complete hearing loss.

3.Speech Therapy:- Speech therapy for those people who have communication and speech disorder.

4.Learning American Sign Language:- It is also abbreviated as ASL. A Person who use sign language communicate using hand shape, Direction and motion of the hand, along with the facial expression.

ASL is the first language for many American who is deaf.

So there is much treatment for hearing loss along with these above mentions.

Thanks for giving attention to us. And for more information, you can dial a toll-free number or email us.

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