Hellena Taylor States Bayonetta 3 Absence Due To “Immoral” Payment, Phone calls For Fans To Boycott The Video game

Trigger warning: the following write-up consists of mentions of depression and suicide

Just one of Bayonetta 3’s most head-scratching choices was Platinum’s final decision to change Bayonetta’s voice actor from Hellena Taylor to Jennifer Hale. Taylor performed the Umbra Witch in the first two games, but Platinum explained in our protect story that she wouldn’t reprise the purpose due to “various overlapping conditions.” Taylor had been largely silent on the situation, presumably due to NDAs, but has damaged her silence with a fiery message saying “immoral” compensation from Platinum. 

In a Twitter thread, Taylor shared a three-aspect video clip information exactly where she clarifies how matters fell aside involving herself and Platinum. She claims that when Bayonetta 3 was in growth, she was needed to re-audition for the purpose, which is typical observe due to the fact a performer’s voice can adjust as they age. Taylor states she passed “with flying shades,” to which Platinum introduced her with what she describes as “an insulting offer”. 

Taylor says she then wrote Platinum co-founder and Bayonetta 3 supervising director Hideki Kamiya instantly to demand from customers “what I’m well worth.” She suggests Kamiya replied by expressing his benefit for her talent and her level of popularity with the fanbase. Platinum then made available her a $4,000 flat amount for her the total voiceover career. 

“The Bayonetta franchise designed an approximated $450 million. Which is not which includes goods,” states Taylor. “…this is an insult to me, the volume of time that I took to do the job on my expertise, and almost everything that I have given to this video game and to the supporters. I am asking the lovers to boycott this match and as an alternative commit the revenue that you would have invested on this match donating it to charity. I didn’t want the entire world. I didn’t talk to for way too much. I was just asking for a good, dignified residing wage. What they did was legal, but it was immoral.”

Taylor, a classically qualified actor, author, and director, suggests she’s calling for the boycott as a demonstrate of solidarity for underpaid personnel. She comments on England’s expense of dwelling and wage troubles, saying, “there are nurses heading to foodstuff banking institutions to feed their kids. This is not appropriate, this is not appropriate. It impacts mental overall health.” Taylor says the fiscal strife caused her to put up with bouts of melancholy and stress and anxiety to the extent that she was at 1 point suicidal. 

“I am not worried of the non-disclosure settlement,” states Taylor. “I simply cannot even find the money for to operate a car. What are they likely to do, acquire my dresses? Great luck to them.” 

Hellena Taylor

As for Platinum’s assertion implying that a scheduling conflict was the reason Taylor was recast, she responds by expressing: 

“Platinum experienced the cheek to say that I was hectic, that they ‘couldn’t make it get the job done with Ms. Taylor’s schedule’ whilst I had absolutely nothing but time,” suggests Taylor.

Taylor then feedback on Jennifer Hale replacing her, indicating: 

“They now have a new lady voicing her more than. And I adore actors, I want her all the pleasure in the entire world, I want her all the careers. But she has no suitable to say she is the voice of Bayonetta. I created that voice. She has no suitable to indication merchandise as Bayonetta any more than I have the suitable to indication as Eva Green, even nevertheless I was her parrot on the video match The Golden Compass. That portrayal is hers and hers on your own.” 

Taylor concludes by saying, “They’ll in all probability try out to do a spin-off with Jeanne. Really do not acquire that 1 possibly.” 

Hideki Kamiya has seemingly tweeted a reaction, producing “Unfortunate and deplorable about the mindset of untruth. Which is what all I can tell now.” 

So there it is. We’ll see how or if Platinum as a whole responds (particularly legally because Taylor is evidently breaking an NDA), but this is lousy PR blow with Bayonetta 3 so close to release. Some of the hardcore Bayonetta fanbase experienced already suspected there was much far more to the voiceover alter than what Platinum said some hoped the multiversal storyline gave hope that Hellena however appeared as a Bayonetta variant. That’s not the situation, seemingly, and it’ll be interesting to see if a boycott does obtain any traction. 

Bayonetta 3 is slated to launch on October 28 for Switch. 

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