3 Ways You Can Help 9/11 Victims Get Their Lives on Track

9/11 was one of the darkest days of history, and the whole world continues to feel the pain. Many lives were lost, many of whom were the breadwinners of the households. It’s more difficult for their family members. Not only do they have to suffer the pain of losing their loved ones, but they also have to make ends meet. Many of them survived but they suffered illnesses and injuries that have continued to affect their entire lives. 

They became weak and vulnerable, and the negative impact of the events continue even 20 years later. As a US citizen, it’s your responsibility more than anyone to ensure the wellbeing of everyone affected in the September 11 incident. If you really want to do something for them, here are a few ways you can be of help to them. 

Help Them Get Financial Compensation

It’s the responsibility of the government to take care of its citizens. The government passed The James Zadroga Health and Compensation Act to cover all the medical expenses related to 9/11 illnesses, and even provide financial compensation to assist in making their lives a little easier. However, it’s a complex process to apply to get the funding. 

The process requires submitting lengthy paperwork, and enrolling, registering and filing with the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) in addition to the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP). If you know someone who needs financial compensation for 9/11 victims, you should contact Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP. They are professional 9/11 fund lawyers who will get those victims compensation for any 9/11-related illness. 

Offer Them Emotional Support

Someone who has lost a family member needs emotional support more than any amount of money. They have lost an important part of their life that is never going to return, and this fact can weigh deeply on their mental and even physical health.

Instead of you taking pity on them, you should offer them emotional support as they are your own family. No one likes to be a victim, and you shouldn’t treat them that way. Be nice to them without making them realize why. Become the family member they have lost. It’s the ones left behind that suffer the most and your emotional support can decrease it. 

Encourage Them To Seek Quality Education

If you know anyone who lost a parent or loved one in 9/11, there is a chance they are struggling financially. Breaking free of financial struggles can be extremely difficult without secondary education.  However, it’s no secret that education is very expensive in the United States of America. 

Give a man a fish you feed him for the day; teach him to fish and you feed for the rest of his life. This quote showcases the true value of education. To truly escape financial insecurities, it is best to seek higher education and unlock higher-paying, more secure job opportunities.

If possible, assisting with their higher education costs would alleviate a large financial burden placed on these victims. They can’t depend on scholarships as you need very high grades and luck for that. You should help pay for their college education. They will be able to make something of themselves, get a good job, and support their entire families.

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