Games That Can Help You Earn Cryptocurrencies
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Games That Can Help You Earn Cryptocurrencies

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Do you love playing video games? How about learning and earning while playing some of the best video games? Isn’t it a great idea? Gaming apps are facing a lot of issues in payments and everyone is looking for free games. The gaming industry is now taking a new dimension combining blockchain technology. It has become more secure, safe, and compatible to play video games.

Today you will find some of the best android multiplayer games have in-app purchases. This in-app purchase is a way for the gaming company to earn some money, while some of the Bgrade companies use this method to do fraudulent activity. There have been cases where several genera were complaint about payment being made from their account without their consent.

To stop this kind of practice, there are several companies that have taken blockchain technology into consideration. These companies have taken initiative to form a secure path for the game related transaction and to do so, they are using Cryptocurrencies.

Now here in this article, you will explore the list of top video games that will help you to learn about digital currencies. In addition, you can also earn some virtual cash while playing and learning about it. 

If you are short of time, here is the summary of the article and you can bookmark to read it later. Here is the list of crypto video games you would like to play. 

  • Cryptokitties: With tradable digital assets this interactive game will allow you to learn about blockchain technology and the Etherum network.
  • Beyond the Void: You will learn about Nexium, an Etherum token that is used in the Etherum network. It also allows you to learn about the crypto economy. 
  • Spells of Genesis: It’s a battle game where you can learn about the most popular digital currency Bitcoin and blockchain technology. 
  • WorldPoly: This is an AR-based game that allows you to learn more about cryptocurrency technologies and how to save transaction fees while playing. 
  • Privateers Life: It is one of the most encouraging games that allows you to understand the real economy.

Now let us know how these games can benefit you and how they work with blockchain technology.


In 2017, Axiom Zen released a game where you have to collect virtual cats and breed them. It is a simple game. If you are passionate about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts, this is a perfect game for you. 

In this game, you will collect different types of cats that are unique cryptographically. Once you own these cats, you can trade in the Ethereum blockchain to earn real money. When you enter into this game you will know about the Ethereum token ERC-721. To start playing this game, you need to buy your first kitty using Ethereum token.

Beyond the Void

In this game, you will learn about cryptocurrency economics. Because here you will have to buy different virtual items in the blockchain network using the crypto token Nexium. Nexium is a ERC-20 crypto token in the Ehterum network. You can cash out the token with real money any time you want. 

Spells of Genesis

This game is a bit different from the Cryptokitties. Unlike breeding cats you need to win a battle to earn your crypto card. Once you win your crypto cards you can collect them and store them in your wallet. This game allows you to learn about bitcoin blockchain and trade through the Bitcoin Up app. As you know that bitcoin is the most popular crypto coin, it allows you a secure, safe, and transparent platform to trade. 

Privateers Life

This game is really useful for understanding the real-world economy. In this game, you have to do production, manufacturing, harvesting, mining, etc. You can play this game to earn real money using the crypto tokens. 


Worldpoly is a multiplayer game that combines a variety of features such as AR, blockchain assets, gameplay, geopositioning, etc. There are two types of cryptocurrency used in Worldpoly, Ethereum, and Byteball.  As you know, Etherum uses blockchain technology but Byteball works through DAG technology.  

Final Words

With the rising popularity of crypto coins, people are now learning about different cryptocurrencies so that they can invest in them to earn money. Learning about crypto requires creative and critical thinking, and that’s where games play an important role. When you learn through games it allows you to increase your creativity and you can learn faster and effectively. 

Apart from having a fun experience, these games will allow you to learn about cryptocurrencies.  And in return you will be able to make secure gaming in-app purchases. With the blockchain technology involved in the whole transaction, you can rest assured that your transactional data is safe and secure with the public ledger network.

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