Help Your Child Recover From Kid’s Separation Anxiety With Preston Child Care

If your kid is starting a new day at Preston child care or moving to a new classroom or going somewhere away from home, it might become difficult for you to handle him/her, if he/she’s suffering from separation anxiety. The irony is – most commonly children suffer from separation anxiety because of the separation from their primary caregivers however many stay really happy and don’t get triggered while spending their time at a daycare in Preston. It totally depends on the services provided by the nurseries or daycare centres you send your kid to. 


Parents need to understand that this type of anxiety is quite common for children. Who doesn’t feel sad while saying goodbye to their family? Each one of us does and so does the kids. 

How to Battle Separation Anxiety

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It’s disheartening for the parents to watch their little munchkins get upset about leaving. However, you don’t have to suffer anymore because given below are a few tips to help you out and your kids deal with separation anxiety! 

  • If you’re thinking of sending your children to the nurseries in Preston, you can think of introducing the staff at childcare beforehand to your kids. Prepare them for the same in advance.  This way, children will be familiar with the environment and won’t suffer from any triggers of separation anxiety. This helps your child be a part of a trusting community that is one of the core values you need to teach your children. 
  • Focus on creating quick farewell routines. This can be something as simple as an adorable goodbye phrase, creating a special handshake when you part, setting up your child with a blanket and a book, or something unique to add to the goodbye sign with your kid. Whatever you may decide, try to make the goodbye short and sweet. Do this every day you leave your child at a daycare centre at Preston
  • Once you’re done establishing a goodbye routine, do the best you can do to stay on track. Be consistent as this will diminish your child’s anxiety forever. 
  • Keep promises. Some parents ease their children by telling them that they will return sooner or later. You can keep a promise with your little munchkin, this will build trust and confidence in your cute little hearts and they won’t panic while you’re saying goodbye. 


To briefly paraphrase, it’s crucial for the families to remember that experiencing separation anxiety is a part of the development process in young kids. It’s quite normal and in case you have any concerns regarding the same, you can ask for additional support from the nurseries in Preston. These daycare centre service providers know well how to handle kids and save them from all the panic attacks. 


Your kids are stronger than they seem, cuter than they look, and smarter than you think! Let them experience every emotion of life with daycare in Preston.

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