Hiring The Right Commercial Cleaning Services, Dallas Edition

As an office manager, you shoulder the responsibility of preserving your team’s work environment. But hiring commercial cleaning services in Dallas shouldn’t have to be a hard task. Read on to know why.

A study by HLW International LLP noted a 5% increase in productivity ($125,000) in the 100-employee firm where an average employee drew a salary of $25,000.


The Minnesota Department of Health reports that firms practising good hygiene and investing in good housekeeping can expect to see an increase in their employees’ productivity levels. This further increases the overall revenue.


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All this seems like common, deductible sense. But to find the right commercial cleaning services in Dallas can get overwhelming, especially if you turn to yellow pages, blindly.


Let’s fix that for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind while partnering with commercial cleaners for all your office cleaning needs in Allen:


Referrals are a tremendously powerful source

Like other areas in your life, you can continue to trust your friends or family members for sage advice. Or, in this case, their reviews and referrals.


There’s a reason why brands that provide great service focus a lot on word of mouth advertisement.


So, go ahead, use your wide network. Get in touch with office managers or even other employees across different brands.


Tune in to what they’re saying. Take note of how much they praise the janitorial cleaning services they receive.


Running out of people to reach out to? Don’t worry. Post a question on your social media. Remember, you know many people, even if they’re on different walks of their lives.


Online reviews can be quite insightful

Angie’s List, Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook, and Thumbtack are goldmines for finding a great brand for janitorial cleaning services. 


Search “Coppell janitorial cleaning services” or “office cleaning in Allenor even “commercial cleaning services Dallas”, and you’ll get a list of brands that can cater to your needs.


Skip the adverts, scroll down to any reputable lists we mentioned, and check out the ratings and reviews. 


A 4.0 and higher rating can warrant your trust. Look for reviews that talk about punctuality, service quality, attention to detail, dedication, etc. 


Most importantly, don’t skim through the negative reviews. What are these reviews talking about? Do you feel it could be a one-off incident? 


Quality advertisements can be reliable too

To reach the top three ads shown to customers means the brand has successfully cleared Google’s rigorous checks.


Google further helps you by showing the ratings each brand received for its services.  

Over to you

There are plenty of commercial cleaning services in Dallas, and we hope you find a trusted housekeeping partner soon!

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