6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a New Zealand Education Consultant in India

It is always a good idea to inquire, particularly when you are spending your precious time and money. Many students simply count on the agencies without even inquiring about what they are getting from something they are spending so heavily. Even though they know that they have more options but something in hurriedness and urgency does cost them. Hence, it is important to avoid such nuisances by asking some questions to the study in New Zealand consultants or the agency you are planning to put your money, time, and trust on.

Some essentials questions have been listed here:

Q.1 What kind of universities or colleges do you offer?

ANS. Well, this is the first question for a reason! You should always know where you are going to study! Some people will indubitably entice you into their traps just to earn money and make you their client. However, this is not something you want. So, you must ask everything about the universities or colleges that they are offering. In addition to this, ask them for some references that they have already sent to the university chosen by you. To put it simply, ensure that you are in safe hands and not fooled by anyone.

Q.2 How many student visas have been successfully processed by you?

ANS. Again, the answer to this question will help you clear your vision about the company and its reputation. The total number of student visas processed by them will surely tell you how reliable that agency is. Every student demands some relevant experience and knowledge from the New Zealand education consultant in Delhi they are consulting. So, you must have an idea about their success.

Q.3 Will your agency help me with overall student visa process – SOP, Admission, etc.?

ANS. Students typically need to submit their Statement of Purpose (SOP) and other necessary documents to the university or college as well as the Department of Home Affairs. You should ask the consultant whether they provide students with all these facilities or not. This can indeed make everything simpler and easier from your end.

Q.4 Do you assure my admission to the university or college of my top choices?

ANS. It is an important question because many ‘so-called’ popular study abroad consultants give assurance for that. See, your admission to a university or college depends on several factors. However, it is possible if they eliminate all the loopholes to submit an error-free application to increase the chances of application approval. Before admission, you may get a conditional or an unconditional letter from the university. So, it should be your consultant’s responsibility to guide you on how to fulfill the conditions of a conditional letter.

Q.5 What if my application is rejected?

ANS. A minuscule proportion of study visa applications are usually rejected by the immigration authorities of the country for different reasons. These reasons may include delay in submission of the relevant documents, providing incorrect information, and so on. Due to any reason, if your application heads for refusal or denial, what is the standby plan of that agency? You must discuss this aspect with your study abroad consultant.

Q.6 Do I need your assistance with student visa filing?

ANS. Some students think that they do not need any assistance for visa applications. This approach leads them to make many mistakes and ultimately visa rejection. Therefore, it is important to have a study abroad counselor who has vast experience and knowledge in the field. This will ensure that your student visa application will correctly be submitted and approved on time.

Final Words

Some study in New Zealand consultants having enthralling contributions towards the applicants in serving the best and trusted services in terms of university/college details, course options, admission process, etc. Thus, you must do thorough online research and choose the one who can guide you throughout the process.

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