Home of the Dragon’s big finale struggle was what we’ve been waiting for

The season finale of Household of the Dragon time 1 delivered on the title of the demonstrate extra than any other episodes in the show’s operate, with a dragon-centric hour of drama and intrigue. There was dragon inventory, dragon recruitment (by way of tune!), and last but not least, our initial dragon-vs.-dragon fight in the Thrones television universe.

And it was just as intensive as the prophecies foretold. Would it be a Sport of Thrones prequel if no 1 died?

[Ed. note: Major spoilers for the House of the Dragon finale]

In “The Black Queen,” Rhaenyra sends her oldest sons out to recruit prospective allies in the future Targaryen Civil War. Jacaerys is despatched to take a look at the Arryns and the Starks, even though Lucerys is despatched to Storm’s End to meet up with with Lord Baratheon. Lucerys, who previously in the episode expressed problems to his mom about his long run responsibilities as heir, gets a pep converse from her and a stern reminder to not commence any problems.

Rhaenyra looks at her son Lucerys while standing next to the Painted Table, her hands resting around his face.

Photograph: Ollie Upton/HBO

Lucerys rides his dragon Arrax about to Storm’s Close, and as he lands, we can see the hulking presence of Vhagar, Aemond’s gigantic dragon, lurking in the background. When Lucerys enters the castle, Aemond is there, smirking, owning currently produced a offer with Lord Baratheon — allegiance to Aegon in exchange for Aemond marrying a single of Lord Baratheon’s daughters.

A brief conflict breaks out. Aemond calls Lucerys “Lord Strong” and needs the younger prince take out his own eye. But Lucerys refuses (obviously), and publications it, having on Arrax and trying to fly away in stormy temperature. Aemond and Vhagar observe, their presence uncovered in a jaw dropping image, with Vhagar lurking among the clouds below Arrax like a big sea monster all set to break via the waves.

As Vhagar and Arrax attract nearer, the two inexperienced young riders get rid of control of their respective winged steeds. From Lucerys’ instructions, Arrax breathes fireplace on the substantially greater Vhagar, which does very little extra than annoy the gigantic dragon. And then, in the episode’s most climactic minute, Vhagar devours equally Arrax and Lucerys in a single chunk, as Aemond helplessly attempts to cease his dragon from retaliating.

A big boi dragon swoops out of nowhere to attack Lucerys’ while he’s looking the other way, biting him out of the air and ripping his dragon apart, swallowing the bloody bits that fall from the sky

Picture: HBO

It’s a excellent moment for the show’s to start with dragon fight, genuinely laying out the danger of making use of these creatures in war — something pointed out by Rhaenyra before in the episode, out of issue for ruling above an empire of ash if she makes use of the dragons to take back again King’s Landing. It’s a total circle instant for Aemond and Lucerys’ arc this time, Aemond in the beginning dropped his eye soon after stealing Vhagar lots of yrs (and episodes) ago. Now their conflict has turn into even additional agent of the display: Even though war seemed inevitable with final week’s coup, it is now been inescapably escalated many thanks to two Targaryens who couldn’t hope to manage the beasts they’ve ostensibly tamed.

It’s also correctly brutal, with little bits of Arrax falling out of the sky as Vhagar tears into the a great deal smaller sized dragon, coupled with Aemond’s shock at the circumstance and his lack of ability to control Vhagar. He now has a decision to make when he will get again to King’s Landing — does he strut in proudly, getting taken out one particular of his brother’s essential rivals for the upcoming of the throne, or will he wander in meekly, ashamed for accidentally creating a big escalation in this conflict?

Both way, it’s a massive RIP to Lucerys, the most up-to-date casualty of Home of the Dragon’s bigger conflict. It’s possible you’re with your (probable) father now.

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