4 Factors to Consider When Comparing Home Wireless Broadband Plans

Home wireless broadband is getting more and more popular in Australia as a means of getting connected. This connection is so easy to use especially with your current mobile phone network. The best part, one look at the coverage on your smartphone and you’d know how reliable it can be.

To determine which home wireless broadband plans are the most excellent, look out for some of these key factors — speed, coverage, price (including data) and quality of the wireless modem.


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Almost all of the Internet plans today offer full 4G speeds. Exetel and Spintel have speed-capped their connections to 12Mbps. Ask yourself if you really need this speed or more. The higher the speed, the costlier the price.

Naturally, if you’re planning to get the plan with the highest speed and the widest coverage, expect it to be very expensive. Therefore, you need to know your priorities and that would depend on what Internet activities you do.

The usual activities like Web surfing, downloading movies/music, emailing and social media only need moderate speed. So, when you compare home wireless broadband plans, watch out for the suitable speed tier with its corresponding price, among other things.


Remember that Internet and mobile coverage aren’t always equal. Check your location for services that are available because the quality of coverage depends on where you’re residing. Different providers have varying levels of effective coverage in a particular area.

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There are providers that offer a substantial upfront and modem cost which could literally break your bank. You need to think hard if this type of plan is really what you desire. Also, Southern Phone’s wireless Internet plan is less expensive but then there’s a 24-month contract to sign. Are you willing to stay that long with this company?

Modem quality

The kind of modem you use with your connection certainly has an effect on your speed in general. An older or low-tier modem used on a high-speed connection will not give you the full connection as promised by your Internet Service Provider, although you can still connect to the Web.

Reasonable Alternatives

No matter how costly the newer home wireless broadband plans are today, users will always have alternatives. Although, there’s not much difference between price and features of the plans, most services are currently carried on the Optus 4G network, hence, you can’t count on more coverage benefits.

On the surface, Optus’ offer of a wireless connection of 500GB data for $69/month may seem quite pricey. And yet if you compare the cost over time and consider the upfront rates, it will turn out to be economical. Its 24-month contract will waive the modem cost and setup fees altogether.

With Spintel, you get to enjoy a 14-day trial period and if you’re not satisfied with the service, you can simply return the modem. This is worth noting because sometimes signals can become erratic. There have already been complaints of people not getting decent indoor connections even if there’s a strong Optus 4G signal in their area.

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