Tensed Because Of Hot Tubs In Fareham Myths? Read This Post

Have you heard any hot tub myths that have worried you? We’re here to debunk the most popular hot tub myths so you can relax and enjoy your purchase. 


Myth 1: Chlorine is required.

Don’t worry if the idea of bathing in chlorine makes you uncomfortable. There are options that provide all of the sanitation without the odor of a swimming pool.

Bromine is a sanitizing chemical that is most effective at higher temperatures, making it ideal for use in a hot tub. It also lacks the characteristic chlorine odor. A hot tub is disinfected more organically with seawater technology. The unique HydroClear technology filters water with 50% fewer chemicals. The water is naturally oxidized by using ozone and passing it through a UV lamp. More oxygen is produced as a result of the mix of the two, which helps to prevent calcium or biofilm buildup in the pipes.


It’s worth noting that while utilizing chlorine, the odor ought to be minimal if the chemical balance is correct and the pH level is correct.


Myth 2: Hot Tubs Require A Lot Of Upkeep.

That is not the case! It only takes a 5-minute check once a week to ensure that your hot tub is clean and safe to use. Chemical testing and replenishment will become second nature to you. The Self-Cleaning models from Hydropool filter 100 percent of the water in just 15 minutes, ensuring hygienic water for the entire family and friends. Hot Tubs in Fareham also offers detailed service packages to keep your tub’s components in good working order. For further information, please contact the experts.


Myth 3: Hot Tubs Are Costly To Operate.

Do you believe that when you connect to your tub, your power expenses will skyrocket? Certainly not! You can rest assured that the energy wasn’t being squandered thanks to top grade soundproofing that guards against needless heat loss. You can have your hot tub operating at 37 degrees all day for cents a day.


Myth 4: The More The Number Of Jets, The Better.

Certainly not. While you may believe that a hot tub with more jets will provide a better massage, jets are entirely targeted to important parts of your body based on seat depth. By experimenting with different seat depths in your hot tubs in Fareham, you may guarantee that you are targeting essential body areas. The S Shape immersion lounger, for example, includes jets focused on critical areas including the neck, back, calf, and wrists.


Myth 5: When Not In Use, You Must Switch Off Your Hot Tub False! 

Why switch off a hot tub once you can keep it going for a fraction of the cost and know that you may enjoy it whenever you want? The only time you should empty your hot tub is even if you’re not living in the house or if you are not using it during the winter. A hot tub, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of pleasure throughout the winter, therefore have it ready for a plunge at any time of day or night!

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