How Can You Get A Bajaj Finserv EMI Card And Features?

You are planning to apply for a Bajaj EMI card, which can make you financially powerful and purchase your favorite goodies whenever you want. It’s different from a credit card payment method, with EMI you can buy anything and payback as per your convenience in installment.

It’s a non-banking financial organization providing a various financial solution. They give a wide range of support, and with Bajaj EMI card you can buy any product. You can use it from online and offline stores and take the advantages. It shows you can carrying a pre-approved or interest-free loan in your wallet.

Features Of Bajaj Finserv EMI Card

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Instant-approval: You need to choose EMI plan and allowance, then without any issue, they approve your request

Pre-approved loan: It’s a pre-approved loan which gives you right to buy anything

Flexible Loan Tenure: They gives you a range of options to choose the favorable tenure

No Foreclosure Fees: Bajaj EMI card do not impose foreclosure charges, and you can foreclosure your loan whenever you want

What Would Be Right Eligibility Criteria And KYC For A EMI Card?

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When you are an existing customer, then nobody can stop you and will get instant approval. In general, should have 18 years of age for a product.

Now talk about KYC procedure. You need to submit age, income, and residence proof. For identity proof- a copy of passport, voter ID, and any governmental photo ID. For address proof-Aadhaar, driving license, and passport. For income proof- a copy of income tax return, and form 16 with a recent passport size photograph.

How Do You Apply And Track Of A Bajaj EMI Card?

If you are already a member of this bank, then there is no issue for eligibility. You can login the bank’s official site and start filling the mandatory part. Below is the procedure.

  • Go to the official site
  • Fill personal-professional information
  • Upload KYC with a recent passport size photograph
  • Share registered email ID or mobile number

Now you want to know the exact place of your application? And how much time it will take to receive? Need to follow below points.

  • Download tracker site and install
  • After installation, enter application reference number and registered mobile number
  • Few seconds application details flash on the screen

How Can You Utilize Your Bajaj Card To Pay Bills?

The bank can provide net banking, autopay, mobile banking App, RTGS, and NEFT facilities. It’s a comfortable process, need to login the online portal through own User ID and password. It’s a secure and time-consuming process to pay bills on time or either before the due date.

How Can You Check Monthly Bank Statement?

Do you ever think, how the lenders can gather your expenses report? No, don’t worry they will collect your report through bank statement. The bank statement is a tracker, who can track monthly expenses, the limit, reward points, etc. You can have all the things on registered email ID after the completed one-month billing cycle.

What Is A Bajaj EMI Card Customer Care Number?

They can provide various communication modes a call, SMS, or write an email. You can pick any of the options as per your comfort level. From your smartphone call on 020 3957 5152 to Bajaj EMI card customer care number and take a prompt response.

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