How Can You Use Kratom For Controlling Diabetes?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report has found that more than 100 million U.S. adults presently live with diabetes or prediabetes issues. In 2015, diabetes was the seventh driving reason for death in the USA. Maintaining the sugar level is the fundamental issue with diabetics. The range of 70-120 is generally referred to as a protected range, and it is encouraged that everybody keeps up the glucose level inside this range. If the level goes excessively high, it can prove to be deadly after some time, while too low a sugar level can lead to seizures, coma, and death. Many people with diabetes have claimed that taking Kratom has helped them manage some of the factors that affect blood sugar levels, such as chronic pain or heightened anxiety. In recent times, there has been a lot of traction in using Kratom for controlling and managing diabetes. Since ancient times, Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia as a diabetes treatment, but no scientific records exist. Can Kratom aid in diabetes? Read further to know whether Kratom helps Diabetics.

Managing Insulin Level with Kratom

People taking Kratom as a natural supplement may experience lower blood sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity. Consequently, they require less dosage of insulin to keep their blood sugar levels within the accepted range. Kratom can reduce food cravings, thereby preventing binge eating and helping people to reduce their weight. People with diabetes are known to have extreme food cravings, which Kratom supplements can manage. However, the benefits of Kratom depend entirely on its purity, which makes it imperative to use Kratom with no added chemicals. Kratomkrush offers pure Organic Kratom imported from South East Asia, which allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits for managing diabetes.You can buy any type of kratom strain with a discount on kratom red thai.

You cannot replace your insulin with a Kratom supplement. Kratom supplement may help reduce insulin dosage, but you cannot replace it with your prescribed medicine.

How To Manage Diabetes with Kratom?

How To Manage Diabetes with Kratom

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In the medical condition of diabetes, the body has difficulty managing blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous. Kratom contains amphetamines that can act in the same way as insulin in a safer manner. The companies producing Kratom products claim benefits of Kratom in the management of diabetes. Additionally, they stress that the root of the Kratom plant does not contain any sugars, carbohydrates, or fats. However, Kratom may not have severe side effects,  provided you take it under guided supervision—some people who have used kratom claim to have digestive issues that may not be related to diabetes. Preliminary research has shown that Kratom can help lower blood sugar levels. This can be very helpful for people who have diabetes trying to manage their disease. You can use Kratom both as a drug replacement or to help reinforce the beneficial effects of those drugs. It would be appropriate to discuss this with your doctor before beginning any kratom use. 

Managing Glucose Level with Kratom

Kratom can assist in managing anxiety and chronic pain. When stress gets better on you, your liver responds by releasing high amounts of glucose into your bloodstream. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, the excess glucose in your blood elevates your blood pressure. Kratom supplements can relieve anxiety and, consequently, keep your blood pressure in check. The two alkaloids in Kratom, namely Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, may reduce stress by binding to some of the opioid receptors in human brain. Since the binding with opioid receptors is partial, you can use the herb continually to relieve anxiety without developing tolerance and dependency. The Red Kratom strains are regarded to be the most suitable ones for anxiety relief. Kratom helps in increasing glucose uptake in cells, thereby reducing blood glucose levels.

Chronic pain management in Diabetics

Diabetic patients regularly suffer from chronic pain, which in turn triggers spikes in blood pressure. As per a study by the FDA, the mu-opioid receptors are bound by Kratom constituents, thereby providing pain relief. Kratom, especially the White strains, is gaining popularity as an effective pain reliever that is natural and does not induce any dependency.

Research on Kratom as Glucose Transporter 

Research on Kratom as Glucose Transporter

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As a scientific study published in Natural Product Research journal, Kratom may improve glucose transport in muscle cells, thus reducing the tested subject’s blood glucose level. It was discovered that the main compound of Kratom leaves comprises mitragynine and other alkaloids, which could mimic the mechanism of insulin that leads to higher glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity. It also measured the level of radioactive 2 – deoxyglucose in test cells. The study found that glucose required the help of a protein called GLUT 1, a glucose transporter, when the glucose entered the cells. An increase in protein GLUT 1 was observed in test cells, thus proving a higher glucose uptake rate.


The effectiveness of Kratom in managing people with diabetes is still a subject of ongoing research studies. However, the analgesic and anti-anxiety properties of Kratom are established in the public domain. Kratom can help you remain relaxed and calm, likely keeping your blood sugar at manageable levels. A person who remains calm throughout the day will have lower blood pressure, which is helpful when you have diabetes.


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