How Do I Choose A Pool Tile?

Relaxing in the pool is a great way to escape the heat of the summer. For comfortable leisure near water, it is not enough to think over the future design; the choice of tiles for its decoration should also be given attention. The pool is no longer a luxury; it has become an organic element of many country houses. A number of requirements are imposed on it, and one of them is the aesthetics of appearance. 


Since water destroys everything, you should take a closer look at your pool tiles. The period of its functioning and the safety of the entire territory of the pool and the adjacent zone depends on its quality. In this article, you will learn how to select swimming pool tiles and what properties it should have.


Guideline For The Choice Of Finishing Materials


If you are attracted by the idea of equipping a pool, you must understand that not all tiles are suitable for lining it. For example, ordinary tiles may not be considered at all, since the swimming pool tiles must meet a large list of criteria:  


  • Waterproof. The level of water absorption ideally does not exceed 6%, this is a fundamental requirement;
  • Resistant to cleaning agents and aggressive agents. To clean pool complexes, it is customary to use disinfectants with chlorine, so the surface should not lose its shiny appearance;
  • Increased impact resistance. A tile that does not have this characteristic will simply not withstand water pressure;
  • Anti-slip effect. This option is necessary for facing the steps and sides of the pool, as well as the area around it;
  • Minimum porosity. The surface should not absorb moisture and contribute to the accumulation of dirt or microorganisms, because this can negatively affect the health of visitors to the bath;
  • Resistant to direct sunlight and low temperatures. The tiled structure should not fade and lose color in summer, as well as collapse in winter during frosts.

The best option is a tile with small rounded edges. It eliminates the possibility of injury and prevents rapid deterioration of the coating. 


Which Finish To Choose For The Pool?


Leading ceramic brands offer many interesting and worthy options:
Refractory and waterproof clinker. It is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, repels moisture, is durable due to increased resistance to abnormal heat and frost;


Ceramic Mosaic. It is not afraid to of the load from water and looks incredibly stylish due to the ability to mix fragments and create unique canvases;


Oasis stoneware tiles. Differs in strength, frost resistance, low water absorption. It is easy to take care of it since you can not be afraid of the consequences of exposure to household chemicals. It is a practical and versatile solution for steps, sides, walkways and pool bottom.  

It is quite obvious that due to the difficult operating conditions, the choice of swimming pool tiles takes a lot of time. The surface must meet dozens of characteristics, including the visual concepts of resting place. We recommend visiting the store of an official dealer of tiles to pick up high- quality tiles that will delight you with their appearance, durability, and price

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