How do Traffic Tickets affect your Car Insurance Rates?

Although most people think only about the good things related to driving, there are even some downsides to this fun and energy-filled activity. One such downside of driving is traffic citations. They are nothing less than a significant burden that can transform into fines. And the worst thing about traffic citations is they can increase your rates as well. 

So, suppose you are driving any vehicle. In that case, it becomes essential to understand how traffic citations can increase your rates, even if you have the best car insurance for new drivers in Ontario, and this is what we are going to do in this blog post. 

The effect of traffic tickets on insurance 

You have to understand the fundamental relationship between citation and rates, and this relationship shows that a citation always results in a higher premium. This usually happens because a citation indicates that you are not a safe driver, which increases the chances of you filing the claim. 

So, if you don’t want to deal with high premiums, even if you have the best car insurance for new drivers in Ontario, you should always avoid citations. You should also know that there are different levels of citations and different levels of driver’s abstract. 

Driving citations, infractions, and penalties 

There is a long list of infractions, citations with different levels of penalties. These types of infractions can either result in automatic fines, or they can even get transformed into criminal penalties as well. But in most cases, there are three levels of citations;

  • Minor citations 
  • Major citations 
  • Criminal citations 

Minor citations are used only for the driving violations done on the primary level. For example, if you are driving without a seatbelt, you have to deal with minor citations. But significant citations are for more serious driving violations. In such cases, you either have to deal with heavy fines, or you might even have to go to jail. 

The last and the most dangerous category of citation is the criminal citation, where a court appearance becomes necessary. Such types of citations result in jail time, heavy fines, or even probation. 

Which type of citation affects the coverage and rates?

All three levels of citations discussed above have different penalties. In many cases, you might get rejected for coverage from the insurer just because of a citation, and that can be the worst situation for anyone driving a vehicle. 

Your premiums might not be affected by a minor citation, but a severe citation can increase your premium by many folds. So, in any case, you should always avoid any source, especially if you are looking for the best car insurance for new drivers in Ontario. 

How do parking citations affect coverage and rates?

Parking citations are the only type of citations that don’t affect the rates. Such citations don’t affect your rates since they don’t determine how safe a driver you are. But there are consequences of parking citations as well. 

Having parking citations might snatch your right to renew the vehicle’s registration and if you are going to drive without registration, then get ready to deal with tickets. 

There will always be different variables and factors that will affect premiums because of citations. But the one thing that you always have to keep in mind is that any citation is bad for you and your vehicle. And if you are planning for the best insurance for your vehicle, then staying away from citations is the best thing you can do.

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