How Does Contact Center Software Work?

A call center is typically a department that handles incoming and outgoing calls. They can often be part of the customer experience. Call centers involve a central location where representatives handle a large volume of phone calls to answer any customer inquiries, provide support, or conduct surveys and questionnaires. Agents use technical infrastructure to receive the calls, and this infrastructure is typically referred to as call center software. The technology for call center software has changed significantly over the years thanks to new innovations for the internet. Today, many call centers are based on the cloud and offer new features and tools to make the communication channel more efficient. Keep reading below about the best solutions for contact centers and how call center software works.

Learn all about Bright Pattern.


What makes Bright Pattern the best contact center software is the fact that it’s based in the cloud. It’s the most powerful contact center software and revolutionizes call center solutions. The company has had over 25 years of experience and is deeply committed to the success of its clients and helping support teams all over the world. The engineers and developers behind Bright Pattern are some of the original engineers who created premier contact centers. Together, they’ve created cloud call center solutions that help businesses deliver the best possible customer service experience. You’ll find that the software can be accessed through a browser and that it has powerful CRM integrations, analytics, and omnichannel routing. Learn more about its features in the following sections.

The software uses AI assistance.

Bright Pattern’s software is an AI-powered contact center solution. This allows for more automation. Agents will feel empowered, and customers will find that their interactions are of better quality. This is because AI allows for advanced cognitive technologies. It can decrease the wait times and speed up the entire customer service process, which overall results in better customer satisfaction. Voice recognition capabilities can help authenticate customers faster and reduce friction. The AI sentiment detection can even help management identify agents and guide them. As you can see, artificial intelligence is the backbone and foundation of Bright Pattern’s omnichannel quality management.

Bots can help customers connect with agents.



Callers can reach virtual agents and virtual assistants, as well as chatbots. There’s also a conversational IVR feature. This refers to interactive voice response. These IVRs can use NLP, which is natural language processing. Callers can speak regularly instead of having to enunciate or repeat specific phrases. This also prevents them from having to listen to options over the phone and press the corresponding button. If a caller wants to speak with a live representative, the bot can connect them to an agent. They’ll be able to communicate in real time. On the business side, the software allows typical inquiries and the most frequently asked questions to be answered quickly. The most basic information doesn’t have to get through to an agent. This results in faster customer service resolution.

Email, text, and messenger communication is easier and faster.

With the omnichannel system, utilizing email services, sending texts, and using messaging systems are handled more quickly. This is thanks to comprehensive request processing that’s easy and simple enough for people to use. There’s the ability to compose, send, forward, and transfer throughout the messaging system. Anyone can easily send follow-ups, send messages, receive files, save notes, or even mask any sensitive data. The IBM Watson-based sentiments even allow agents to understand the customer’s mood.


As you can see, call center software is more than just providing exceptional customer service: It’s also about providing a consistent customer experience. With Bright Pattern, businesses can resolve customer issues with seamless integration and handle incoming calls more quickly and efficiently. This software is the best way to foster customer relationships with the right tools.

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